Each node on the network is connected to every other node on the network using a full mesh topology. In this way, there is no redundant network, making it the most reliable.

What Is The Best Computer Network Topology?

A direct link is used to connect each node to other modes of the mesh topology. In this topology, the network is very reliable, but it requires a large amount of cable and is difficult to administer. The use of WiFi makes this topology more feasible. A hybrid topology combines two or more of the standard topologies.

Which Network Topology Is Fastest?

The bus topology is the fastest network topology.

Why Mesh Topology Is The Best?

Mesh topology has the primary advantage of low transmit power and shorter links ( 100 ft), which allows for a long battery life and allows for a large amount of data to be moved around the network. Mesh topology has a major disadvantage in that the range between two mesh nodes is quite limited.

In Which Network Topology Network Is Used?

The most common configuration of a network is a star topology. A switch or hub is connected to a node using coaxial cable, optical fiber, or twisted pair cable in this type of topology.

Which Topology Is Best For Lan?

LANs are increasingly dominated by star topology.

Which Is The Highest Reliable Topology?

The mesh topology consists of each device having a dedicated point to point link to another device. Dedicated means that a link carries traffic between two devices. There is no other topology that is as reliable as this.

Which Is The Most Popular Topology And Why?

There are far more star topology than any other. Each node is connected independently to a central hub via a physical cable, thus creating a star-shaped network. Before data is sent to its destination, it must travel through the central node.

Which Topology Is The Fastest Topology?

The star topology allows data to be transferred at the fastest speed.

Which Is Faster Star Or Mesh Topology?

Basis for comparison

Star Topology

Mesh Topology

Installation and reconfiguration




Comparatively less

Expensive due to extensive cabling.



Highly robust

Is Mesh Topology Fast?

In mesh topology, there is some redundancy since all nodes receive and translate information, but you can also gain speed with the excess bandwidth.

Is Mesh Topology Good?

Mesh topology is advantageous in that multiple devices can transmit data simultaneously, which reduces traffic. In the absence of a failure of one device, the network and data transmission will not be affected. It is not possible to disrupt data transmission between other devices if you add additional devices.

Which Is The Best Topology And Why?

In a Star Network Topology, there are fewer nodes, which makes it more efficient. In order to ensure that the hub or central node is always working, and to add extra security features to the hub since it is the heart of the network, one must ensure that it is always working.

Why Mesh Topology Is Most Robust?

In mesh networks, failure of one link does not affect other links or the communication between other devices. Due to the point-to-point link between the mesh topology and the point-to-point link, unauthorized access is not possible.

Why Is Network Topology Used?

In addition to defining the configuration of various telecommunication networks, such as computer networks, command and control radio networks, and industrial fieldbusses, network topology is also used to define the configuration of other telecommunication networks.

What Is The Most Used Network Topology?

There are far more star topology than any other. Each node is connected independently to a central hub via a physical cable, thus creating a star-shaped network.

Where Is Star Topology Used?

A star topology is typically found in large organizations, such as educational establishments and businesses, where high performance is a necessity. They are also found in wireless networks, especially those that are connected to the Internet. All nodes are connected to the central network via a wireless access point (WAP) in this case.

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