NetAcad’s profile may contain the “Screen Name” listed under your Networking Academy username.

How Do I Find My Networking Academy Id?

Access Academy Reports is available under the Manage tab in NetSpace under the Access Academy Reports link. The Access Academy Reports Dashboard provides access to academy ID numbers. ID numbers can be found on the Academy Locator by ITCs.

How Do I Get A Netacad Account?

NetAcad can only be accessed through Networking Academy courses. All of our free, online, self-paced courses are available for free, and you will be able to access NetAcad with your chosen email address.

What Is Netacad Account?

Students find NetAcad programs to be engaging because they offer lots of hands-on activities. Students and instructors can use Cisco Networking Academy to inspire them to make their future brighter through the global platform.

How Do I Register For Netacad?

Please visit https://www. to access the site directly. netacad. Visit the registration page at You can enroll on the Cisco Networking website by typing your First Name, Last Name, and Email address into the Sign Up Now section.

How Do I Complete A Netacad Profile?

  • You can access your profile by clicking here.
  • “Certificates and Letters” can be found by clicking on them.
  • To obtain a certificate or a letter for a course, click “Get Certificate” or “Get Letter”.
  • How Do I Get A Netacad Certificate Of Completion?

    You can download and print your Certificate of Completion from the NetAcad grade book by following the following steps: 1. You can locate your completed course 2 by going to “I’m Learning”. “Get Certificate” 3. Click “Get Certificate”.

    How Do I Connect To A Cisco Netacad Account?

  • You can find it at
  • To log in, click “Log In” in the top right corner.
  • “Resend Activation Email” should be selected.
  • You can activate your email account by entering the email address and selecting “Resend Activation Email”.
  • Is Cisco Netacad Free?

    The Cisco Networking Academy offers courses in networking. Cisco’s online learning program is free. Get started today.

    How Do I Log Into My Netacad Account?

    The website can be found at www. NetAcad. com. To log in, click “Log In” in the top right corner.

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