The use of computers allows employees to share ideas more easily and work more efficiently. Productivity is increased and revenue is generated for the company as a result. In addition, computer networking improves the way companies offer their services to the world in general.

What Is The Importance Of Computer Network Class 8?

A computer network has several advantages, including: Resource Sharing: Computers in a network can share resources such as printers, fax machines, modems, and scanners. Sharing files and accessing remote databases is possible through a computer network.

Why Is It Important To Study Computer Networking?

Students learn how to connect local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and wireless networks in computer networking courses. In addition to learning how to connect hardware devices, they also learn how to access the Internet. There are many careers in which these skills can be applied. Help others with their network problems.

What Is Computer Networking For Class 8?

Computers are networks of computers that share resources in order to benefit from them. Internet connections are the most common source of shared resources today. A printer or a file server can also be included in the shared resources list. In the context of computer networks, the Internet itself is a computer network.

Why Is It Important To Learn Computer Networking?

It is possible to grow your business by using computer networking. It allows you to store important business data in a central location. By doing this, the network’s computers can retrieve important data from the main location.

What Is The Purpose Of Computer Networking?

Every business, entertainment, and research purpose can be accomplished through the use of computer networks. Computer networks are the foundation for the internet, online search, email, audio and video sharing, online commerce, live-streaming, and social networks.

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