A TCP/IP network is a group of communication protocols used to connect devices on the internet. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. In addition to being used as a communications protocol in private computer networks (e.g., intranets and extranets), TCP/IP is also used as a data communication protocol.

What Is Tcp Ip Protocol In Computer Network?

The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, or TCP/IP, is a set of standardized rules that allows computers to communicate on a network.

What Is Tcp Ip Protocol And How Does It Work?

Computers and other devices can send and receive data using TCP/IP, a data link protocol. The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a protocol that allows devices connected to the internet to communicate with one another.

What Is The Function Of Tcp Ip?

Basics of TCP/IP Model


Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

Function of TCP

Collecting and Reassembling Data Packets

Function of IP

Sending the Data Packets to the correct destination

Number of Layers in TCP/IP Model

4 layers

What Is The Role Of Tcp Ip In Computer Networks?

Data packets are collected and recombined by TCP, while IP ensures that the packets are sent to the intended destination.

What Do You Mean By Tcp Ip And How Does It Work?

Data is exchanged over the internet by providing end-to-end communications that specify how it should be sent, received, addressed, transmitted, and routed. The TCP protocol describes how applications can communicate across a network by creating channels of communication.

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