A physical layer converter device, the RPD platform converts DOCSIS data, MPEG video, and out-of-band (OOB) signals received from a CCAP Core over a digital fiber network, such as an Ethernet or passive optical network (PON), to analog RF.

What Is Remote Phy Device?

Remote PHY devices (RPDs) at the network edge convert downstream data from digital to analog and transform upstream data from analog to digital. In the RPD, QAM modulators are used for downstream translation and QAM demodulators are used for upstream translation.

What Is Ccap In Telecom?

By using a single platform for offering traditional video and IP-based broadband services to consumers, cable operators can reduce operating costs.

What Does Rphy Stand For?

There are several names for DOCSIS Remote PHY (RPHY), and it has a long history. This paper was originally written by the author of DOCSIS Remote PHY in 2001. 2004 marked the publication of the document after it was brought into the standards process. Modular CMTS (M-CMTS) was the name given to the initial suite of protocols.

What Is Fiber Deep?

MSOs are pushing fiber deep into their customers’ homes in order to provide them with better service. By reducing or eliminating amplifiers, fiber deep increases the potential bandwidth of homes and reduces power and maintenance costs.

What Is Phy Cable?

A remote PHY is a method for distributing access to digital hybrid fiber/coax networks (HFCs). In this way, the physical layer of the CMTS headend is moved to the edge of the network. In comparison with centralized systems, it can provide higher bandwidth and throughput by reducing the distance between the customer’s equipment and the central system.

What Is An Rpd Node?

A remote/fiber node is actually a device that provides the R-PHY or R-MAC/PHY functions. In addition to the CCAP core function, the RPD can be distributed to a digital fiber node, cabinet, or MDU.

What Is A Ccap?

CableLabs, in collaboration with Comcast Corp., is leading the Converged Multiservice Access Platform (CMAP), which brings technical and operational unity to two projects. Time Warner Cable Inc. (Nasdaq: TWC) is the parent company of CMCSA, CMCSK, and the Converged Edge Services Access Router (CESAR).

What Is The Difference Between I Cmts And I Ccap?

In addition to the CMTS Core for DOCSIS, the CCAP Core also contains the EQAM Core for Video. In the CMTS Core, DOCSIS MAC and DOCSIS upper layer protocols are present. All signaling functions, upstream and downstream bandwidth scheduling, and DOCSIS framing are included.

What Is A Fiber Deep Node?

Node +0) is the trend in which MSOs push fiber closer to customers in order to provide them with better service. As a result, field technicians in the cable industry are now tasked with installing and testing fiber as it reaches farther into the network, as copper technicians are no longer able to

What Is A Fiber Headend?

Fiber headends are centralized control units that gather, process, and package data and programming from external sources. Remodulation is one of the functions of a headend. Retiming. Accountability is communicated through messages.

Is Dark Fiber Expensive?

It is primarily cost-savings that make dark fiber a better option than commercial internet. The cost of installing your own dark fiber network and purchasing commercial Internet options can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars per month is obviously very high.

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