Using cables, a modem connects your home to the Internet. In this way, it acts as a digital translator, taking information signals (Internet data) from your cable or phone lines and making them available to your computer via the Internet.

What Is The Purpose Of Modem In Network?

The modem modulates and demodulates electrical signals sent over phone lines, coaxial cables, or other types of wires; in other words, it converts digital information from your computer into analog signals that can be transmitted over wires, and it can translate incoming analog signals back into digital data that

What Is Modem In Simple Words?

Modulator-demodulator is also known as modem. In order to connect to the Internet, a computer or another device, such as a switch or router, must have this component. In the same way, it converts digital data from a computer or other device into an analog signal that can be sent over standard telephone lines.

What Is Modem In Networking With Example?

In a broadband network, a modem or broadband modem is a hardware device that connects a computer or router to the Internet. A cable modem or DSL modem, for example, can be an example of a type of modem. A broadband modem is today most commonly referred to as a modem.

What Is Modem In Networking And How It Works?

Using cables, a modem connects your devices to the Internet. In contrast to a router, a modem does not provide Wi-Fi access to your home. In a modem, you receive information signals from your cable, fiber, or phone lines and make them available to your computer via a digital translator.

What Is A Modem Network Interface?

There are two network interfaces in a modem. In the modem, the cables are plugged into an interface. The cable company provides the connection to the device. You are connecting to two different things, one of which is the ethernet connection from your computer or router to the other.

What Is Modem Network?

Modem. Telephone and cable modems allow computers to send or receive data over the Internet. Computers store digital data, while telephone lines and cable wires cannot transmit analog data. Digital signals are converted into analog signals by the modem, and vice versa.

What Is The Role Of Modem In Networking Long Answer?

In order to connect to the telephone lines, the digital data must be converted to the signal. MODEM is a special communication box used to convert this data. Data bits can be connected to microwave radio systems using a modem. Figure 15 provides a better understanding of MODEM’s role.

What Is The Purpose Of Modem What Are Its Different Types?




A modem is placed between the telephone line and computer or router.

Internet Access

It is essential to have a modem to access the internet as it connects the ISP to our PC.

Main Purpose

It takes the requested information from the internet to the computer.

What Is Modem In Computer Definition?

A modem is an electronic device that converts digital data signals into analog signals that can be transmitted over analog telecommunications circuits by converting them into modulated analog signals.

What Is A Modem Class 8?

Modulation-demodulator is a short form of this term. In addition to enabling a computer to transmit data over a telephone line or cable line, a modem is a device or program that allows the computer to do so. Digital information is stored on computers, while analog information is transmitted over telephone lines. Hope it’s true.

What Is A Modem For Class 4?

In addition to connecting to a computer, broadband network, or wireless router, a modem is a hardware device. A modem converts analogue and digital information in real time, making it possible to communicate over two-way networks. Modulation-demodulators are known as modems or modems.

What Is Modem What Is Its Function?

In a modem, signals from one device are converted into signals that can be read by another device. In the case of a modem, the digital data of a computer can be converted into an analog signal that can be read and carried by a telephone line.

What Are Examples Of Modems?

In addition to fax/phone modems, cable modems, DSL modems, and even satellite modems, there are also other types of modems. The modems decode your data from the line signal by using what is known as modulation. Modulators and demodulators are known as MODEMs.

What Are Examples Of Networks?

  • A directed network in which nodes represent Web pages and edges represent hyperlinks between them, the World Wide Web.
  • Internet. The Internet.
  • The powerline and airline networks are both important.
  • The citation networks are a way to share information…
  • The language networks are made up of words.
  • Webs of food. Food webs…
  • The economic networks are…
  • The metabolic and protein networks are important.
  • What Is The Function Of Modem In Networking?

    In order to transmit and decode digital data, a modem is essential. It creates an easily transmitted and decoded signal that allows data to be sent from place to place without being lost.

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