In this article, we will discuss Cisco UCM in more detail. In addition to voice, conferencing, video, data, instant messaging, and mobility services, Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager (UCM) is an IP-based communications system.

What Is Ucm Stand For?




User Communication Manager


Universal Call Model


Universal Content Management


United Community Ministries

What Does If Stand For In Networking?

An intermediate frequency (IF) is a frequency that is used to transmit or receive carrier waves.

What Is The Meaning Of Ucm In Science?

The motion of the circular wheel (u. Motion with a constant angular velocity is characterized by circular trajectory. In other words, the body travels at the same angles at the same times.

What Does If Stand For In Electronics?

The input filter is used to filter input data. Electronics is a field of academic and science.

What Is The Full Meaning Of Networking?

Informal social networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common interest or profession.

What Does Sa Stand For In Networking?

In a security association, two network entities share security attributes to facilitate secure communication between them. In addition to encryption keys and parameters for the network data to be passed over the connection, SAs may include attributes such as: encryption algorithm and mode.

What Does Sciences Stand For?

SCIENCE. The causes and effects of systematic comprehensive investigations and exploration of nature.

What Is A Wat In Science?

The Watt (noun, “WAHT”) is a unit used to measure how much energy is used. Watt equals one joule (a standard unit of energy).

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