In the world of network service providers (NSPs), a business or organization provides direct Internet access to internet service providers and usually has access to its network access points (NAPs) through the Internet.

What Does Nsp Stand For?

A network service provider is a company that maintains a portion of the Internet backbone and resells connectivity to Internet service providers. Wholesaler of Internet services.

What Is Nsp In Network Security?

In the security/network security environment, a network security policy (NSP) is a generic document that outlines rules for computer network access, determines how policies are enforced, and lays out some of the basic architecture.

What Is Nsp Net?

A network service provider is a company that provides internet access. In the Internet backbone, an NSP provides access to the Internet. In the United States, NSPs and ISPs are usually separate companies, but in other parts of the world, they are often combined.

What Is The Full Name For Nsp?

Full Form



National Service Provider




Indian Railway Station


Non-starch Polysaccharide



Net Selling Price

Accounts and Finance


What Is Nsp In Internet?

In the Internet backbone industry, a network service provider (NSP) owns, operates, and sells access to Internet infrastructure and services. ISPs in the region can connect to an NSP backbone through internet exchange points, which are where they exchange physical connections.

What Does Nsp Mean In Business?


Network Service Provider Computing » Networking — and more…


Not Separately Priced Business » General Business — and more…


National Service Provider Computing » Networking — and more…


Net Selling Price Business » Accounting


Numeric Space Computing » General Computing — and more…

What Is A Network Access Provider?

Internet access providers are any organization that provides access to the Internet to individuals or organizations. Local businesses can subscribe to an ISP (such as AT&T, Sprint, or MCI) and pay for high-speed internet service. The Internet is made up of a number of sites (including these).

What Does Nsp Stand For In Contracts?

In the event that the schedule in this contract contains any contract line or subline items identified as not separately priced (NSP), it means that the unit price of the line or subline item is included in the unit price of another, related line or subline item.

What Does Nsp Stand For In Sales?

Net Selling Price is the price at which a product is sold.

What Is Nsp Military?

A National Security Program (NSP) is intended to prepare selected military, public service, international, and private-sector leaders for future responsibilities in a complex and ambiguous global security environment.

What Solution Manages Nsp?

In addition to network access control, network threat behavior analysis, and full integration with McAfee endpoint solutions, the platform is managed by McAfee Network Security Manager.

Does Mcafee Have Intrusion Detection?

Our network security services help you prevent intrusions and detect advanced targeted attacks on your network.

How Does Mcafee Ips Work?

In Network Intrusion Prevention (also known as Network IPS), the network is monitored to prevent threats from entering the network. All data that flows between the client system and the network is inspected by the Network IPS protection filter driver.

What Are The Types Of Network Security?

  • In a firewall, incoming and outgoing traffic on a network is controlled by predetermined security rules.
  • The network can be segmented into different segments…
  • VPNs that allow remote access are available.
  • The security of email is important.
  • Loss Prevention (DLP) is a key component of…
  • The Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are…
  • The idea of sandboxing is…
  • Network security that is hyperscale.
  • What Does Nsp Stand For Before A Name?




    Name Space Provider


    National Service Provider


    Naming Shim Provider


    Netware Lite Sideband Protocol

    What Does Nsp Stand For In School?

    Student Programs – New Student Programs.

    What Is Nsp In Biology?

    Viruses have nonstructural proteins that are present in their DNA. In italics, Nsp1 and Nsp2 are the initials for the nonstructural protein genes.

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