Republic of Korea (South Korea) has a top-level domain (ccTLD) called kr.

What Does The Abbreviation Kr Mean?



Kind Regards




3: Guessable

Typical Users:

Adults and Teenagers

What Does If Stand For Networking?

It should be rated as IF. This is for you. The Internet and chat.

What Does Kr Before A Name Mean?

South Korea’s top-level domain, kr, is the country code for the Internet. Registrations are processed by agents on behalf of the client. Domain names can now be registered directly under domain name extension. kr. The owners of trademarks and public bodies were able to register their trademarks early, which benefitted them.

What Is Kr Called?

Kr, or krypton, is a rare gas of Group 18 (noble gases) of the periodic table, which forms relatively few chemical compounds. The chemical krypton is about three times heavier than air, and it is colourless, odourless, tasteless, and monatomic in nature.

What Is Kr Stand For?




Kind Regards


South Korea (top level domain)


Knowledge Representation


Kroner (Danish, Norwegian currency)

What Is Or Kr Domain?

South Korea’s KR domain name. OR. Korea’s country code is KR, which is its country code. Anyone can register for a minimum of one year with the Korean registry NIDA, which operates it.

What Does If Stand For In Networking?

An intermediate frequency (IF) is a frequency that is used to transmit or receive carrier waves.

What Does If Stand For In Electronics?

The input filter is used to filter input data. Electronics is a field of academic and science.

What Is The Full Meaning Of Networking?

Informal social networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common interest or profession.

What Does Cat Stand For In Networking?

Cat Authentication – Common Authentication Technology (cat)