Devices and software programs are considered to be data-agnostic if they are not capable of using any particular method or format of data transmission. In other words, the device or program can receive data in multiple formats or from multiple sources, and still process it effectively as long as it is in multiple formats.

Whats Does Agnostic Mean?

A person who believes that any ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and probably unknowable broadly : one who does not believe in either God or a god as their existence or nonexistence.

What Is Agnostic Service?

Agnostic services are generic in nature and are not subject to context. Service that is interoperability among various systems and is generally available. Self-contained autonomous services.

What Is Agnostic Communication?

Is agnostic marketing a marketing mean? According to Alan Maites, this definition is: “We make marketing decisions impartially, without bias towards or against any one type of communication channel – TV, print, online, direct mail, etc.”.

What Does Agnostic Approach Mean?

A computer-based approach is one that is interoperability across the systems and does not have any biases towards using a particular technology, model, methodology, or data. In an agnostic approach, the aforementioned factors are not the only ones considered; but also the business processes and practices as well.

What Does Company Agnostic Mean?

A gnostic is a term used to describe industry. Private equity firms and investment banks that do not specialize in a specific industry are referred to as industry agnostic. While industry-specific firms may work in a number of different industries, they tend to focus on a geographic or middle-market market in some cases.

What Is An Agnostic Person?

A person who believes that any ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and unknowable broadly : one who does not believe in either God or the existence of God. A person who does not want to commit to an opinion about something political. agnostic.

What’s The Difference Between Agnostic And Atheist?

A person who doesn’t believe in a god is technically an atheist, while an agnostic is someone who doesn’t believe it is possible to know for sure that a god exists is technically an atheist. A god is not always a god, but it is possible to be both – an unbeliever doesn’t believe in God, but also doesn’t believe we can ever know for sure.

What Is An Example Of Agnostic?

In agnosticism, the definition of ultimate truth is unknowable, especially when it comes to the existence of God. A person who is agnostic is Charles Darwin. Those who believe that the human mind cannot distinguish between a God or an ultimate cause, or anything beyond material phenomena, are considered to be delusional.

How Do You Know If You’re Agnostic?

A person who is agnostic, however, does not believe or disbelieve in the existence of a higher power. The answer to the question “Is God exists?” with “I don’t know” is likely to be agnostic.

What Does Supplier Agnostic Mean?

A linguist. A vendor’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Several companies will be recommended by an independent consultant. A vendor that is not tied to a particular manufacturer.

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