Have you heard about autoresponders. Simply we can define autoresponders as any tool to send emails to your blog’s email subscribers. Depending upon the number of your blog’s subscribers, you can either use Mailchimp or Aweber as your blog’s autoresponders.

Today we will share some simple strategies on how to use autoresponders in blogging to increase your blogging income and increase your blog’s traffic. Autoresponders are one of the best way to promote your affiliate products and make big bucks every month from your blog.Here are the simple ways to use autoresponders in blogging.

  • You can giveaway any free mini course regarding your blog’s niche. If your blog is regarding “how to loose weight”, you can simply giveaway any e-book or any short video to your blog’s visitors. Just create any simple landing page and ask your visitors to input their emails and sign up. You can use autoresponders to deliver the e-book or videos one by one included with your affiliated links. Your blog’s subscribers will check their emails and finally you will get a flood of traffic to your blog. Simply more money.
  • Another way in which you can use autoresponders is to promote any paid product in your blog. If your visitors found the product useful, they will surely sign up for the product as your blog’s subscribers. You can use autresponders to redirect your visitors to the product download page and make big commissions.
  • If your blog has thousands of articles, you can simply redirect your blog’s subscribers to the archives page.You can simply use autoresponders to send one post per week to your blog’s subscribers and get traffic to your blog. If your article contains affiliate links also, then you will surely get big commissions .This is one of the best way to flood your blog with traffic every week.
  • None As i previously stated, you can promote affiliate products with autoresponders very easily. If you have any product that you want your blog’s subscribers to buy must or surely recommended, then you can simply use autoresponders to redirect your blog’s subscribers to product’s landing page.This is one of the best way to make thousands of dollars every month with your blog readers.
  • If your blog is very much popular, or if you are any expert in making new blog’s popular, then you can simply launch any new product in your blog and use autoresponders to let your blog readers notify about the product launch. You can use various tools to get thousands of blog subscribers like WP SUBSCRIBERS OR OPTIN SKIN which works perfectly to boost your subscribers list by 400% This works great to increase your list and finally increase your blogging income overall.
  • Discounts works well. If you have any product that you want to promote and you are already getting good sales every day. You can use autoresponders to notify those buyers to buy another products at big discounts. This is one of the best method to increase your income overnight and make big big bucks. People love discounts and it works like charm.
  • Don’t only use autoresponder to promote your blog posts or affiliate products. You can also use autoresponders to interact with your blog readers and help them solve their problem if any. Interacting helps to make any business better.You can show your blog readers what you do in spare time, how you get new blogging ideas and anything that you want to share. The more you will interact, the more your readers will trust you.