Affiliate marketing is one of the best method if you have a blog that get tons of traffic daily. Today we will deal with some simple steps which will help you to learn how to make your first affiliate sale. Affiliate marketing can help us make thousands of dollars overnight if you choose the perfect product to promote and use perfect techniques to promote it.In this article, we will deal with those simple steps which help any newbie to make your first affiliate sale.Now you won’t have to spend big bucks on learning the techniques on how to make your first affiliate sale, this method is so simple that any newbie can make his living better after reading this.

  • Sign Up And Choose Products :

Isn’t it simple enough. Just sign up for an affiliate account at Clickbank and choose a username that doesn’t show your name in it. Like if your name is “John Daniel”, you can choose any username like “discountcode” or anything else which look like any normal URL not your name. This is a big trick to make your first affiliate sale.At clickbank you will find thousands of products to promote according to your niche. Just select any 10 products you wish to promote. Make sure the products you are going to choose has gravity more than 25 and high conversion rate. This means that the product you are gong to promote is in high demand in the market.The product you are going to promote should have a pitch page to get more sales. This is the first step to make your first affiliate sale.

  • Keyword Research :

Another method to make your first affiliate sale is to perform a keyword research on the products you are going to promote. You can use tools like Google Keyword Tool to find keywords related to your affiliate products and check their global or local searches. Make sure that the keyword should have low competition and high searches every month.This will help you rank your affiliate products high in search results. If your keyword’s month searches are too much, let it go because it will have lots of competition ad you will not be able to rank your affiliate product higher.This is the next step to make your first affiliate sale.If you want to find low competition and high paying keywords, you should definitely try MICRO NICHE FINDER KEYWORD TOOL. This is till date one of the best tool available to search micro niches instantly.

  • Another step in the process to make your first affiliate sale is to create a new blog. You can use wordpress or blogger as your blog platform whatever you wish and according to your budget.You can create a new blog at Blogger and create a new post.Remember, the product you are going to promote, its keyword should appear in the URL of your blog post, in the heading of your blog post and inside the content of your blog post. This will work better with search engine optimization and you will be easily able to rank your keyword higher in search results and make sales. The more better and longer you write, the more sales you will be able to make. The more better you will optimize your blog posts, the more traffic your blog will get and finally more sales for you and more money in your pocket.
  • Traffic And Backlinks :

After you are done with your blog posts, its time to get traffic to your blog and build backlinks for your blog. The more backlinks you will make, the more longer your blog will stay on number 1 in search results.You can use any method to build backlinks like

There are hundreds of other ways to build backlinks for your blog. You can use any of them to build backlinks. Everyday try to make at least 10 backlinks for your blog.

  • You are done.

Repeat this process daily and you will soon start getting checks from clickbank. Make sure to run the process as described above. You can use any technique to promote your affiliate products.This is one of the most simple way to make your first affiliate sale.

These are some simple methods to make your first affiliate sale. If you know any other method which works the same and easy to make your first affiliate sale, share with us.