Construction is one of the most competitive fields to work in. The construction market is saturated with construction companies which makes it extremely competitive and can make it difficult for construction companies to hold on to clients, especially if competitors are offering lower prices and it can be hard for new construction companies to gain clients. There is so much involved with a construction business including legal proceedings, paperwork, dealing with raw materials, negotiating prices with suppliers as prices often fluctuate, starting up projects, and delegating work efficiently, with all these responsibilities there is little time left for a construction company to focus on their marketing strategies. Without a successful marketing strategy, it is difficult for any company to draw in new customers, this should be highly prioritized for any construction firm wanting to bring in new clients. An example of a good marketing strategy is to figure out what your construction companies unique selling point is that sets you apart from the other companies. For example, if you have the best exclusive roofing leads then you should base your marketing around this as it is the selling point of your business. We’ve found some killer tips for if you’re struggling to bring in new clients, if you follow these, you’re bound to be successful. 

Visit Potential Clients

If you’re in the construction business, then you’ll be aware of how important customer service is in this industry as it is a highly relationship-dependent market. By visiting potential clients, you will be demonstrating that they mean a lot to you as a client and most people will be happy to pay for a great service like that. It makes it much more personal than sending emails and it makes the potential client feel valued and more likely to hire you and your construction company. If you can fit it into your schedule you should aim to meet with 5-10 potential clients every week, if you do this consistently then you’ll notice a growth in your client list in no time.  

Show Your Expertise

It is so important in the construction industry that if you know that you’re at the top of the game, you act like you’re at the top of the game and make sure that clients know it too. If you do what you’re meant to do and nothing else then you’ll be easily forgettable to clients, however, if you go above and beyond for your clients then they’re much more likely to remember you and to recommend you to friends and family. If you go above and beyond and solve any issues or problems that may occur, then you’re demonstrating your expertise and that’s a great reputation for your clients to spread for you.  

Go Online

As construction services can’t be provided online many construction businesses don’t bother with going online at all. However, this is a fantastic way to bring in new clients. Consumers today spend most of their time online, with the average screen time from the last year being close to 9 hours. As a business, you should take advantage of this knowledge and ensure that any information customers may require is on your website and if you have an inquiry form you should make sure you respond to inquiries within a couple of days. The internet is also the best place to advertise, if you pay to advertise your business on popular social media sites such as Instagram, then your adverts will reach hundreds of people every day.