The New 5G Core is a secure, cloud-native signaling solution. In order to efficiently secure and manage their 5G network, operators use Oracle 5G Service Communication Proxy (SCP) to control routing, resiliency, and observability of their core network.

What Is 3gpp Scp?

In the 3GPP Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for 5G core networks, Service Communication Proxy (SCP) is one of the most important components. By simplifying the routing topology of the core and offloading the Network Repository Function (NFR) from discovery, the SCP enables greater SBA scale.

What Is Oracle 5g?

With Oracle’s Cloud-native, 5G core, operators can design a robust, scalable network with best-in-class micro-services-based, network functions (NFs) and flexible deployment options.

What Is Service Communication Proxy?

Communication Proxy is a decentralized solution that consists of a control plane and a data plane. In addition to providing routing control, resiliency, and observability to the core network, this solution is integrated with 5G Network Functions (NF).

What Is The Difference Between Pcrf And Pcf?

VoLTE has made Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) an important feature of 4G networks. In addition to the Policy Control Function (PCF), which handles User Plane resources for the 5G sessions, there are other NFs that are natural continuations of the 4G PCRF, such as the Policy Control Function (PCF).

What Is Oracle Csp?

The Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider is an Oracle partner with the skills and experience to build, deploy, run, and manage both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads in the Oracle Cloud.

What Is 5g Converged Charging?

The convergence of online and off-line charging systems addresses new and emerging 5G monetization opportunities. In addition to collecting all network and service usage data, the charging function (CHF) was introduced by 3GPP.

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