We do need the best people for our team. The interviewer also evaluates candidates’ intelligence during the interview. You pass a test more accurately than a subjective one, like the one you passed for Mensa qualification.

Are There Any Benefits To Being In Mensa?

A Mensa member has other benefits as well. In addition to intellectual and social activities, members receive discounts on products and services such as magazine subscriptions, insurance, and travel. We always strive to provide our members with more value through new ways of providing services.

Is Mensa Good For Cv?

If you don’t put it in your CV, you’ll get an interview anyway, so that’s where you should show your intelligence. I know I wouldn’t care about the mensa stuff, so I don’t think they will. You will be noticed if you are intelligent or not, regardless of how high your IQ is.

What Do You Get Out Of Joining Mensa?

Membership in Mensa offers many benefits, including intellectual events such as speaker meetings, colloquia, and CultureQuest. Our benefit and service programs allow American Mensa members to save on travel services, insurance, financial guidance, publications, and more. New benefits are added regularly to our programs.

Are People In Mensa Rich?

While Mensa represents people who score in the top 2 percent on intelligence tests, many of its members aren’t wealthy and certainly aren’t in the top 1 percent of earners. There are many who are retired and living on fixed incomes, and some are dyslexic or disabled.

What Is So Special About Mensa?

You’ll find a variety of intellectually stimulating publications at Mensa, and you’ll be able to flex your mental muscles in intriguing ways. You will receive your national magazine with contributions from Mensans on a wide range of topics, for example.

Does Mensa Look Good On A Resume?

In addition to meeting and socializing with people of similar intellectual abilities, joining Mensa does not belong on a resume, which will be explained later. International recognition is bestowed upon this exclusive group.

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