There has been a huge shift in recent years with religious holidays becoming much more of a commercialized event, with tradition playing less of a part in these holidays than they used to. I will be looking at many different holidays that originate from sources of religion and how they are considered within modern society. Nowadays old religious traditions have been left behind for holiday events that are filled with gifts of monetary value instead of having proper thought and meaning behind them. I will also be considering how our consumerist society has influenced how people perceive religious holidays and how they use the holidays for their own gain and to make a decent profit.



Christmas is considered by many to be one of the most commercial religious holidays out of them all, with a  strong religious background and story it is surprising that so many of us all over the world do not consider Christmas a religious holiday. In the past Christmas was a time for Christians to celebrate the story of Jesus’ birth and going to church was a huge part of the celebration. Nowadays Christmas is very different with many retail outlets taking advantage of the festive season to generate profit, Christmas is widely considered to be a time for giving and receiving presents and unfortunately, the original Christian story is declining in terms of being referenced during the festive period. The shops always come out with Christmas merchandise and decorations that focus on the idea of Father Christmas and getting presents which has encouraged the growth of the idea of a commercialized Christmas.


This religious holiday would have to be one of the most profitable on this list with retailers preparing for the season months in advance as they are set to make some serious money with everyone shopping for presents.



Ramadan is one of the most important months in Islamic culture where strict fasting and praying is conducted in order for Muslims to feel closer to God. This celebration has not seen a smooch of a decline in tradition in comparison to Christmas but it could be argued that even this holiday is not what it once was. Ranmadam is an opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones as you take part in this highly valued holiday, however, it seems that many people are more concerned with buying ramadan geschenke fur kinder, which could suggest that this holiday has also seen a change towards a more profit-orientated holiday.



Thanksgiving is an American holiday that was originally celebrated to give thanks for the good harvest, Thanksgiving is a holiday that has seen the least change with American families taking the time to spend time with loved ones and appreciate the delicious food that they have access to. This holiday however has become more profitable with supermarkets stocking up on novelty Thanksgiving stock and food products with the sole purpose of making a profit. When it comes to Thanksgiving you could argue that it is the retailers who have changed this holiday into something to make a profit from rather than those who are celebrating it.



This Muslim holiday is in recognition of the effort that was used to fast and abide by a strict praying regime, in order to become closer to God Muslims take part in Ramadan which ends with a huge celebration on Eid. This holiday should be taken seriously and is usually a time to feel proud of what you have achieved when fasting. Nowadays this holiday has changed to become a time that is orientated around giving and receiving gifts and celebrations when it is not actually deserved.



The final holiday on this list that has become very profitable would have to be Hanukkah, this Jewish holiday is normally celebrated with time spent with loved ones, eating good food, and coming together to light candles in commemoration. This has since changed with many people avoiding the religious sentiment and focusing on materialistic aspects of the holiday such as gift-giving and putting on large events. This is not the traditional way to celebrate this event and tradition states that Hanukkah is a time for reflection with family.