Data is sent and received over a network using the OSI reference model. Layers are broken down into seven segments in this model. Data is sent and received by each layer of the network. Messages must be sent through all of the layers in order to reach their destinations.

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How Does The Osi Model Work And Include An Example?

In the OSI model, bits – the 1’s and 0’s – are transferred between physical layers. Layers represent the physical medium that carries traffic between two nodes. You might use an Ethernet cable or Serial cable as an example.

What Is Osi Model In Computer Networking Pdf?

Computer networking is simplified by the Operating System Interconnection i classification model. A model of the OSI system. OSI Model breaks down each of the conceptually similar functions into a framework of seven layers, each of which can communicate with its adjacent layer.

What Is The Osi Model Why Is It Important For Understanding Networking?

OSI Model (Open Systems Interconnection Model) describes the functions of a networking system through a conceptual framework. In order to facilitate interoperability between different products and software, OSI describes computing functions as a set of rules and requirements.

What Is Osi Layers Explain With Example And Works?


Layer Number


Top Layers


Initiate and terminate a session with the remote system

Bottom Layers


Break the data stream into smaller segments and provide reliable and unreliable data delivery


Provide logical addressing


Prepare data for transmission

On Which Layer Of The Osi Model Does Circuit Switching Reside?

In the OSI model, data transmission between nodes within a network is handled by the second layer, which manages the connections between physical devices such as switches that are physically connected.

What Is The Role Of Network Layer In Osi Model?

OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model’s network layer or layer 3 is responsible for delivering data packets from the source to the destination over multiple hops. As well as controlling the subnet, it controls the operation of the network. Data is sent back to the sender in reverse.

What Is Osi And What Role Does It Play In Computer Networks?

Interconnection between systems is called Open Systems Interconnection (OSI). In essence, it is used to explain the concept of networking to users. OSI model describes this series of actions as layers. There are predefined functions for each layer, and each layer is responsible for its own part of the process.

At What Layers Of The Osi Does It Work?




Layer 3


To provide internetworking. To move packets from source to destination

Layer 2

Data Link

To organize bits into frames. To provide hop-to-hop delivery

Layer 1


To transmit bits over a medium. To provide mechanical and electrical specifications

What Are The Example Of Osi?

The OSI Model’s upper layers generally perform specific functions such as data formatting, encryption, and connection management for applications. In the OSI model, HTTP, SSL, SMTP, NetBIOS, FTP, RPC, DNS, and NFS are some of the top layer technologies.

What Are The Layers Of Osi Model Give Examples To Each Layer?

  • A physical connection (e.g., cable or RJ45) is necessary.
  • A data link (e.g., a MAC switch) is a connection between two points.
  • The network (e.g., IP and routers).
  • TCP, UDP, port numbers are all examples of transport.
  • The session (e.g. Syn/Ack) is the first instance of the session.
  • The following are examples of presentation (e.g. encryption, ASCII, PNG, MIDI).
  • The following applications are available: SNMP, HTTP, FTP.
  • What Is Osi Model Ppt?

    As a basic principle, network architecture is divided into seven layers, each of which is represented by a layer, such as Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data-Link, and Physical Layer. OSI Seven Layer Model is therefore often referred to as OSI.

    Which Are The 2 Extra Layers In The Osi Model?

    The second layer of the data link consists of two layers: media access control (MAC) and logical link control (LLC). In a network, the MAC layer controls how devices gain access to media and are allowed to transmit data.

    How Data Communication Is Done In Osi Reference Model Discuss The Activity Carried At Each Layer?

    Data link layers are responsible for framing. In this way, a sender can send a set of bits that are meaningful to the receiver. In the header of each frame, the Data link layer adds physical addresses (MAC addresses) of the sender and/or receiver.

    Why Is The Osi Model Important For Understanding Networking?

    OSI is a reference model for technology vendors and developers so they can create digital communications products and software programs that can interoperate and promote a clear framework for describing the functions of networking and telecommunications systems.

    How Can The Osi Layer Help In Understanding Network Security?

    Physical layer of OSI consists of access control, power, fire, water, and backups, which are all essential components of physical application security. In the OSI model, the Network and Transport layers are where most security precautions are implemented – this is where routers and firewalls are installed.

    Why The Layers Of The Osi Model Important To The Network Administrator?

    In order to be a successful network administrator, the OSI Model Layers must be used in the following manner. Verifying the functionality of each layer in order to troubleshoot network problems. ii. A network administrator is often required to isolate the problem layer at a time when the problem occurs on the network.

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