You can expect to pay between $15 and $50 per hour for social media freelancer services if you choose to work hourly. A more intermediate social media marketer can earn $50 to $100 per hour. A social media manager with experience can make over $120 per hour.

What Should You Charge For Social Media Marketing In 2021?

What should you charge for your social media marketing services in 2021? You can charge anywhere between $15 and $50 per hour if you’re a relatively new social media marketer. You can charge between $50 and $100 for a service that has been around for three to five years.

How Much Do Social Media Managers Charge Per Month?

Costs of Social Media Management Most social media management companies charge a bespoke fee, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $5,000 per month for your social media marketing.

How Much Should I Charge To Manage Instagram?

If you are charging a retainer model, you should base the fee on a monthly basis. In the event that all of these factors are combined with Instagram management, then the estimated monthly cost would be approximately $800. Managers with at least five years of experience should take advantage of this rate.

How Much Does It Cost For A Social Media Marketer?

An analysis conducted by The Content Factory found that organizations spend on average $200 to $350 per day on social media marketing. In total, this works out to between $6,001 and $10,500 per month or between $72,000 and $126,000 annually.

How Much Should I Charge For Social Media Consulting?

The typical social media consulting/freelance rate in 2019 is $15-$50 per hour, depending on the scope and type of client the consultant works with. The hourly rate can range from $50 to $100 after three years.

How Much Does A Social Media Manager Costs?

Depending on how much time they are willing to spend on your account, Social Media Managers typically charge between $70-$150 per week, per platform (but if you post similar content you may be able to get a better deal on more than one platform).

How Much Should I Charge For A Social Media Post?

A social media posting or virtual assistant job can be as low as $15 to $50 per hour. The cost of intermediate (social media posting, content creation, and community management) is $50-$100 per hour. (brand and social media strategy, consulting): $120-$250.

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