$40. 00/mo. Leaders from a variety of backgrounds and cultures are available to you.

How Many Members Does Ellevate Have?

Ellevate has over 34,000 members worldwide, representing a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and we are also continuing to expand beyond our US roots.

What Is Network 85?

Broads of 85. The Ellevate Network (formerly 85 Broads) is a global network of women who are committed to fostering and promoting gender equality at work.

Who Founded Ellevate?

The company was founded by Janet Hanson in 1997 as 85 Broads. She had previously worked for Goldman Sachs and founded the organization as an alumnae network for women who had left the firm. Goldman Sachs is based in New York City, and the name comes from its office address.

What Is A System Error 85?

Non-administrative users may encounter system error 85 (Local device name already in use) when attempting to reconnect to a shared network drive.

What Does System Error 53 Mean?

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