A Class C address has only 8 bits for the host address, so there are only 256 devices per address. A network address has 24 bits.

How Many Addresses Does A Class C Network Have?

In Class C, the three high-order bits were set at 1, 1, and 0, and the next 21 bits were allocated to number the networks, leaving each network with 256 local addresses.

How Many Usable Hosts Are In A Class C Network?

In Class C, there are two addresses: 2097152 (221) Network addresses and 254 (28-2) Host addresses.

How Many Hosts Are Connected To C Network?

There are 24 fixes for Class C Networks (/24 Prefixes). A maximum of 2,097,152 (2 21 ) networks can be defined by this class. There are 254 (2 8 -2) hosts on each network. In total, there are 2 29 addresses in the class C network (536,870,912); therefore, there are only 12 addresses in the network. IPv4 has a 5 percent share of the total.

What Is A Class C Network Used For?




These are designed to be used in very large companies like Google.


These are designed to be used in medium-sized companies


They designed to be used in small-sized companies.


They are not used in the public sector, instead being reserved for multicast addressing

What Are Class C Networks Used For?

IPv4 addresses are used by small networks with “Class C” addresses. The following information should help you understand the importance of Class C network IP addresses. A “Class C” network IP address identifies the “Network part” by using three octets, and the remaining octet identifies a host that is unique to that network.

How Many Hosts Can A Class C Network Support?

Class C addresses consist of a 24-bit network address and an 8-bit local host address. In the network address, the first three bits indicate the network class, leaving 21 bits for the actual address of the network. Thus, there are 2,097,152 possible network addresses and 256 possible local hosts.

What Is A Class C Address For Networking?

A default mask of 255 is used for Class C networks. 255 255 In their first octet, 192-223 is the first number. 192 is the address of the address 192. 168 123 A class C address is 132.

What Is The Class C Ip Address Range?



Network Address






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What Is An Example Of A Class C Address?

There are 192 class C addresses in the Internet. 0 to 223. 255 255

How Many Hosts Are In A Class C?

Address Class

First Octet Range

Number of Hosts Per Network

Class A

0 to 126


Class B

128 to 191


Class C

192 to 223


What Is A Valid Class C Host Address?

Class C. Class C networks have a set of 1 for the first two bits and 0 for the third. In other words, the first 24 bits of the address are the network address, and the remainder are the hosts. There are 192 class C addresses in the Internet. 0 to 223. 255

How Many Hosts Can A Class C Subnet Have?

Class C addresses 1 in the Subnetting Class C. Each network has a maximum of 10 hosts, so you need to create five sub networks.

What Is A Class C Network?

Any network in the 32-bit, IPv4 addressing scheme with 110 high-order bits is considered a Class C network. Internet and other TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol) networks use IPv4 (Internet protocol version four) as their standard addressing protocol.

How Do I Find The Hosts Of A Network?

The number of possible hosts per subnet can be calculated by multiplying 2h – 2 by the number of host bits. In order to subtract two addresses, the network address and the broadcast address must be subtracted. The number of host bits can be determined in two ways.

What Is A Class A Network Used For?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use Class A IP addresses for their huge networks. Up to 16 million hosts (also known as hosts) can be connected to a Class A IP address (computers, servers, switches, routers, printers, etc.).

How Many Networks Are In A Class C?


Leading bits

Number of networks

Class A


128 (27)

Class B


16,384 (214)

Class C


2,097,152 (221)

Class D (multicast)


not defined

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