Founded in 1985 by Ivan Misner, Business Network International (BNI) is a franchised networking organization in the United States. There are currently more than 275,000+ members in 10,500+ chapters in 77 countries worldwide, according to BNI.

How Many Bni Members Are There?

With over 280,000 Members in over 10,000 BNI Chapters worldwide, BNI is the world’s largest business referral organization. In 2020, BNI Members shared over $11 billion. Over $16 million in new client referrals were generated. Revenue of $2B (USD).

How Much Do Bni Directors Get Paid?



Average Salary


Executive Director



Owner, Consultant



Planning Committee Member



Assistant Director


Is A Bni Group Worth It?

In order to join BNI, you must be aware of what you want/need from the group and whether that group can fulfill it, as with any other networking group. If I were you, I would go along to one to see if you liked it, click with some groups, but not all.

Is Bni A Pyramid Scheme?

There is absolutely no pyramid scheme, no multilevel marketing (MLM), or scam associated with BNI. Thousands of small business owners swear by this organization, which has been around for decades.

How Many Members Does Bni Have In The Uk?

By networking with other business owners, BNI can help you get more business. Over £304 million worth of new business has been generated by BNI members across the UK and Ireland in the last 12 months, making a huge difference to their annual revenue.

How Do I Find Bni Members?

  • Search the Internet quickly and easily.
  • You can perform an advanced search.
  • What Is A Director Level Salary?

    In California, a director earns an average salary of $103,377 per year and receives $16,000 in profit sharing. A 29% increase. The average national level is lower than that of the U.S.

    What Is A Director Consultant In Bni?

    In addition to running the local Member Support Programme courses, a Director Consultant is responsible for overseeing the local Member Support Programme. Several of these have been held in Surrey over the past three years, with both brand new members and those returning for a second go.

    How Much Is Bni Worth?


    Business networking

    Key people

    Ivan Misner


    Why Bni Is Bad?

    There are a lot of hidden costs associated with joining BNI. Not only does it cost a lot, but it also has a high membership fee. It costs $500 a year to become a member. There are hidden costs associated with meetings, such as food if your chapter meets at a restaurant or room rental if it meets at a rented location.

    How Much Do Bni Groups Cost?

    BNI chapters cost $400-600 per year (plus coffee and meals). With food and transportation included, your expenses could top $800/year. Referrals and relationships generated through the organization are viewed as offsetting the costs by many people.

    Are Networking Groups Worth It?

    It is possible to hear firsthand what people have to say about you and your business when you join a networking group. It is unlikely that members will share their next great idea, but they can certainly help you refine your ideas and execute them more effectively.

    Is Bni A Mlm Company?

    There are many MLM members who are members of BNI, even though it is not a Multi-Level Marketing organization. It is definitely a good idea for MLM members to market only the products or services of the company they belong to in BNI.

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