• Make sure your Internet connection is working.
  • Make sure the router is placed in the right place…
  • Make sure you have power on.
  • Your Internet Source Needs to Be Connected…
  • The Web Interface of the router can be accessed…
  • Make sure your wired devices are connected.
  • Wi-Fi is needed to connect your PC or device.
  • How Do I Get My Internet Box To Work?

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is working on all your devices…
  • You should restart your modem and router….
  • You may want to try another Ethernet cable…
  • Wi-Fi users can be found by looking at your profile.
  • Your equipment needs to be upgraded.
  • Your internet service provider can help you.
  • Default settings on your router should be reset.
  • What Home Networking Device Is Required For Internet Service To Your Home?

    Modem. modems connect to the Internet using a coaxial cable, the same cable that provides TV service to your TV set. In addition to using a modem, you will also need to use a router to connect to your wireless network.

    What To Do If Router Is Not Working?

  • Make sure your WiFi router’s lights are working.
  • Ensure that your router and modem are up to date.
  • Check if your WiFi is working on other devices if it isn’t working.
  • You should be sure there is no Internet outage in your area.
  • A WiFi router can be connected to an Ethernet cable.
  • The factory settings of your router need to be reset.
  • Your WiFi signal will be blocked if any obstructions are left in place.
  • Why Does It Show I Have Wifi But No Internet?

    You may have a WiFi connection on your phone, but you are unable to access the Internet due to a technical issue with your router. You cannot use your Android phone to access the Internet if your router is faulty. The result is that your phone will be able to connect to your router, but will not be able to access the internet.

    How Do I Fix My Modem Not Connecting To The Internet?

  • Make sure your modem is working properly by checking the lights.
  • Make sure the power supply and coax cables are working.
  • Your router and modem should now be rebooted…
  • Make sure your Ethernet cables are in good working order…
  • All connected devices should be disconnected…
  • Your modem should be connected to your computer….
  • Make sure your modem is cool before you use it.
  • Make sure your modem and router are up to date.
  • Watch how do i activate a home networking box Video