Successful companies and businesses have already started realizing that investing in better technology can lead to optimal business results and outcomes in long run. Financially successful businesses are now allotting a major part of their budget in to technology. Technology is commonly leveraged today by different businesses to solve moderate to complex business problems related to customer support, management, decision making and advertising. They are adopting different technologies and software programs to solve different business problems successfully. The entire process of problem solving in a business involves collecting and analyzing business data and coming forth with solutions that can solve the issues within the business.

Enterprise Resource Planning     

Most of the small businesses never consider the term “enterprise” equal to mom-and-pop and local business. There are several enterprise resource planning software developers who are now focusing on customizing the software to meet the end needs of mid-sized and small businesses. The successful multinational mega industries and businesses are already using ERP to solve most of the business problems efficiently in varied departments, including finance, accounting, manufacturing as well as sales. When any blockage occurs within the business process, the management team use different technologies to solve the problems.

Small businesses can make use of scaled down version of ERP software that can help them coordinate the back and front office activities efficiently.

Collaborative Tools

Many multinational companies have their branch offices at different locations and all are functioning independently from each other. Managers, working professionals and operation heads in all the branches need dedicated tools to keep the operation running smoothly and help the location stay on same page with business practices and policies which are escalated to the head office. Such technologies ensure uniform level of services for customers that carry a name, regardless of their physical location.

Collaborative tools can solve multiple problems and help multiple small business locations to conduct businesses on behalf of large organization and corporate entities. Instead of wasting money on regular travels of managers and vice presidents to each location, you must invest in collaborative tools to ensure business conformity and it allows all branches to join in a uniform platform via video webcast and conference. In such a setting, most of the problems can be solved by bringing them to attention of all business heads and decisions can be made commonly after voice vote and analyzing.

Business Analysing Tools  

Business can afford to hire dedicated staff and professionals to operate a separate department of business analytics. But for small businesses, the owner and the managers are the head of the businesses that look after the entire business process. So, instead of outsourcing the function or hiring professionals, small businesses can opt for the business analysis tools to crunch data. For instance, if the sales performance in the first quarter is below average because of lower customer traffic, the manager can plug the data into spreadsheet to conduct sensitive data analysis about the future performance. If the sales are expected to fall again in future, business can look for other methods like advertising to solve the problems related to falling revenues.

Decision Support System

Concerns and predictions that computer systems are likely to overtake and out think human intellects are completely upon us. Decision support system is not a new concept indeed. But as the processing power of computers is increasing, the role of these machines is becoming quite important for businesses in crucial decision making process. It helps businesses to make wise and informed business decisions.

The system actually focuses on compiling all the raw data of businesses and helping the businesses to predict the problems that can’t be foreseen by human alone. Another effective way in which business can now use the system in an artificial intelligence  or AI technology to help professionals make informed decisions when they face any issue during customer handling.

CRM Systems

While ERM system mainly focuses on business operations, the CRM system externally focuses on customers of businesses. The primary goal of the technology is to create comprehensive database of customers which can be used by businesses to heighten their sales, revenue, improve customer retention and make good relationship with customers. It efficiently offers individualized or personalized experience to all customers.

The CRM platforms come with a variety of sales, marketing and service automation abilities that allow the professionals to monitor continually and improvise the customer support and satisfaction. It is the most effective system that can capture almost infinite amount of customer data and allows professional use the data to refine and personalize the marketing offers as well as sales pitches as per customer needs.


The interpretation, discovery, communication of useful patterns in data, Analytics has emerged as the most essential tool for all businesses today that are looking for strategic investment of their resources. There are different analytic tools online that extend to different areas like behavioural analytics software which are widely used to assess the potential candidates, predictive analytics that find for signals about where specific market may be going and educational analytics that improvise the education.

Without data collection, it won’t be possible to pinpoint the areas of concern or evaluate the performance of a business. Analytics perform this job and help organizations and businesses to create a chart and database to succeed in their competitive ocean.

AI Technology

AI technology or Artificial Intelligence has been designed to learn from the interactions over time and optimize the relevance and utility. Today AI technology is being used by almost all businesses. The technology can collect data at a much higher rate than human and this makes it perfect solution for faster routine tasks like setting up calendars to working on complex projects and more. AI technology is being used mainly to heighten the support teams and offer them early self service to customers. The technology is likely to improve in future to enhance its utility with the users.

So, this is how businesses are leveraging technology today to overcome from a variety of business problems efficiently.