Who does not want to have productivity? That is practically the common aim of every single person. All the workplaces are different, and so are the employees. Some keep reshuffling the employees while others try some other tricks to boost productivity. Similarly, individuals keep hunting for ways to boost their productivity with the help of endeavors and resources. However, no matter where one works, to stand out among the fellow people, productivity needs to be boosted. The best way to do the same is by utilizing all the resources present, investing time, equipping oneself with the most useful tools, and many more. However, the universal and most effective tool that can surely depend upon, to elevate the workplace productivity is by utilizing technology.

Ways to improve productivity with the help of technology

Ensure that there is a high-speed, reliable and dedicated internet connection

Imagine you have received a project from the company or even school/college, and you have done it, but the internet connection is making the upload process lag. Not being able to turn in the work time even after completing it before the deadline because of a poor internet connection would turn out to be a bummer and reflect badly on your image as a defaulter.

The marketplace today is very competitive. Hence, having a reliable Internet connection with a high-speed is very crucial for smooth and punctual functioning and productivity. The world we live in is so reliant on the internet that a digital downtime can cost a company around thousands of dollars per minute. Specifically, after the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the workplaces are functioning in work from the home format, and this format completely relies on a good internet connection. One cannot expect to compromise the work and image of the employees, that too, because of an external factor. To be the first and the fastest, one needs to have a reliable internet connection.

Sometimes, external factors like heavy rain, storm, and others can also affect the internet connection. To solve that problem, one can get fixed wireless for a high-speed broadband internet connection and consistent services.

Hunting for internships from home

Technology helps the aspirants in looking for job and internship opportunities. Going to the workplace, visiting several offices just to drop the CV, and without even having a guarantee about being selected. This was how people hunted for jobs, and then technology came to the rescue. Today we can apply for jobs and internships at multiple companies in only a few seconds. The need to travel a long distance and the uncertainty factor has been eliminated. Preparing the resume online is also efficient and user-friendly. Moreover, even after the lockdown, people can take the help of technology and applies for work from home internships available on various platforms to keep themselves productive. One can easily make money and keep oneself engaged with work even during the pandemic.

Online courses

One can look for online courses and gain some knowledge. This is the best way for aspirants and young minds to make use of the technology and add value to their portfolio. Several certified courses can help youngsters to get access to the vast sea of knowledge. In this way, one can be productive and study anytime, anywhere with all the documents and tutorials in their smartphone or other devices.

Utilizing the group chats to get the best out of them

To work from home, one needs to stay connected virtually for better interaction and functioning of the workplace. Similarly, students are also connected with their mentors and faculties virtually so that they can ask queries and clear their doubts on time. Digital platforms help in thorough working, planning for smooth conduct of the tasks. Not only in work from home formats, even in the pre-pandemic situation, but employees were also digitally connected on such messaging platforms because communication among the fellow employees, teamwork, and sharing of ideas is very important for the productivity of the workplace.

This eliminates the need to keep the back, and forth email chains going and talking or sharing some crucial information with all at one time becomes very efficient and easy. It also saves a lot of time, and clearing spontaneous queries even after the work hours becomes possible and user-friendly as calling at odd hours seems a bit unprofessional. In this way, the work and coordination among members can be improved

Using smart sheets

Smartsheets can be used to keep track of assigned tasks, the deadlines, and also track the progress efficiently. Students can use these sheets to maintain their timetable to eliminate any confusion and make changes as per their needs as well. Also, for workplaces, this helps in keeping a record of the performance of all the workers conveniently. One can manage the calendars and give priority deadlines also.

Keeping a digital record also guarantees that one and all are being watched and is answerable, so it is better to stay on task and punctually complete the projects to keep the record clean. This “keeping things in check” factor also boosts the efficiency of all. Technology helps us in streamlining our work and do it smartly and soundly. Working one’s way through papers, hunting for that one keyword or piece of information, and ending up all baffled is very demotivating. However, technology has come with a solution to eliminating this.

Virtual meetings

To improve the efficiency of the workplace, one should not just work on improving productivity, and the work done but also prepare oneself to keep the work going when things go south. This COVID-19 pandemic has reinstated the significance of having a strong and sound work plan and strategies. Those who were dependent on the single traditional work plan and were not prepared to get the work digitalized could not adapt to the technologically sound work from the home format, and their work ultimately suffered. Similarly, the educational institutes got shut down and could not conduct classes and examinations, because they lacked in the technology part.

On the other hand, technologically sound workplaces started coordinating with members, having virtual meetings with video calls, and bringing the work on the digital platforms. Also, some educational institutes switched to online classes mode so that education is not compromised. Having a virtual meeting or a training session with the employees present at remote locations becomes possible, and this helps in better coordination among the workers no matter where they are, at any time and place.


Every coin has two sides. Technology is just the same. On the one hand, technology has so many advantages that one can utilize and make every single passing second productive. On the other hand, technology also offers online games, social media applications, and many other things that can end up becoming addictive, especially for the youth. One should restrict oneself from tapping the addictive side of technology and use it in the right manner.

We live in a world of digitization where technology has done wonders in all the spheres. All of us can work, shop, learn, and do anything and everything efficiently, all thanks to technological advancement. From meeting the basic needs, demands, and even entertaining, the technology aces in every segment. All of us keep scrolling the feed of our social media platforms or playing online games to pass the time. However, one can strategically use the technology to tap its productive side as well.