We are registering a drastic change that technology has made in our life. Technologies have not only made our life comfortable and easy, but without technologies we can’t imagine our life today. It is not only affecting the social life of people, but also dominating the professional life equally. We all know that the only thing that is consistent in today’s digital world is change. Likewise, the technology that we use today may get improved or replaced by another latest technology. It is quite obvious to forecast the trending and upcoming technologies. Below is the list of some best technologies that are worth learning in 2020.

AI Technology or Artificial Intelligence

AI technology is not the new concept indeed as it has garnered lots of hypes in the technological field. Many businesses and retailers are already using AI technology and it is helping them to yield efficient results. It is the most promising technology in 2020 and has started to power a variety of gadgets and devices that we commonly use today.

Most of the applications that we use like Facebook, Amazon, YouTube and Twitter heavily rely on AI technology. The biggest application that relies on AI is machine learning; the highest paying computer skill of today.

Internet of Things

IoT of Internet of Things is another trending and most popular technology trend in 2020. There are many real world applications that are already using this technology. IoT is the technology or the process of connecting multiple appliances or devices together so that users can enjoy a reliable and secure connection between them.

The focus of this technology is to build a robust a connection for better automation and user experience. However, there is not many devices that are powered by IoT as of now and many updates are still required in this technology. So, there is a higher demand of IoT engineers in future and it is the best opportunity for those who are interested in this field.


Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency are the virtual currency that was used for make online transactions and it is quite popular indeed. Cryptography is the most of reliable and secured technique of transactions and it is only possible because of the latest Blockchain technology. Blockchain is the most secured and trusted technology in 2020 that is worth learning. It is linked with online transactions and considered secured because of its secure and un-centralized transactions functions.

There are many digital currencies that are using Cryptocurrency like the Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency and it is powered by Blockchain. So, learning about Blockchain in 2020 is a worthy skill.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing is the latest technology trend that was introduced as the better replacement of Cloud Computing. Being the better alternative to Cloud Computing, it comes with many improvements and updates which make it the worth using technology in 2020. In simple terms, Edge Computing is the upgraded and better version of Cloud Computing.

In Cloud Computing, we all upload process and regain the stored data from servers or cloud, which are located at far away geographical locations. So, the process of uploading and regaining of data is relatively slower with cloud computing. Edge Computing is launched with better techniques to solve these issues by bypassing the latency caused by cloud computing. This technology is used today for processing of time-sensitive data in the remote locations with no connectivity or limited connectivity to centralized location. It such situation, the technology works as mini data centre for faster data uploading and retrieval. Edge Computing also helps in enhancing the use of IoT devices and by 2022 the world edge computing market is expected to cross $6.72 billion. With its growing market demands, it will also create different jobs, especially for the software engineers.


For many, cybersecurity is not a new technology as it has been around for quite a while, over time the technology has evolved significantly like other technologies. Since the cyber threats are consistent upgrading and spiteful hackers are trying new ways to access data illegally, toughest security measures are required and new technologies are adapted to enhance the cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving with latest technologies to defend against those malevolent hackers and their threats.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It is the combined practice of both VR and AR technologies simultaneously. With the help of AR and VR technology we can now create a stimulated and different environment to interact with the environment virtually. Combining these technologies together will offer you with a new experience and it is named as Mixed Reality.

In Mixed Reality, we tend to use both AR and VR simultaneously to experience the virtual and real world in real time. Besides, this new technology has the highest potential and many industries have already started using it because of its multiple benefits.

Voice Technology

Voice technology is still a underestimated technology in 2020, but it is the most potential technology to learn and it is consider as the future technology by many experts. We all are using voice technology in Smartphone and smart gadgets like Google Assistance, Siri in iPhone assistance and more.

In coming years, you are likely to use voice technology to interact with gadgets and machines around you by using different technologies like machine learning and NLP.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is another powerful and latest technology to learn about in 2020. It is the technology that is inspired by the way human eyes work. Humans see different objects and substances around them with their eyes and similarly computer uses the cameras to observe and see the objects that are placed around them. But, computer uses a variety of Deep Learning Technologies to forecast and classify the object around them.

If you are planning to learn about Computer Vision technology in 2020, there are different framework to help you with, including SimpleCV, OpenCV, OpenFace and more.

Hopefully, you have learned about all the latest and emerging technologies in 2020 and now you can choose the right technology as per your interest.