One in five of Koo’s 1 crore users uses Hindi as their language of choice, making it the platform of choice for users of regional languages. Over 52 million Koos are registered on the platform, with nearly half of them being in Hindi.

Is There Any Indian Social Networking Site?

The ShareChat app is an Indian social media app. Bangalore, India, is the home of this social networking site. A company called Mohalla Tech Pvt. is based in India. This app was developed by the parent company, Ltd.

What Social Media Do Indians Use The Most?

According to Facebook, India has the highest number of users of the social network with more than 300 million as of 2020. The digital lifestyle is becoming more popular in India as data packs become cheaper and internet becomes more accessible.

Which Social Media Is An Indian App?

The Bharatam app is available on Google Play store for download and is gaining popularity with every passing day. Bharatam aims to compete with other popular social media platforms in the country, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Which Social Media Platform Is Most Used In India?

According to May 2021, Facebook had the highest traffic across all social media platforms in India. In March 2019, Facebook had a 90 percent page traffic share in India. Since then, it has consistently maintained a high share of page traffic.

What Are The Indian Social Networking Apps?

  • There are many popular short video platforms available in the country right now, including Moj. Moj is one of the most popular short video platforms available right now.
  • Since TikTok was banned last year, several Indian developers have created alternative apps.
  • The Koo app is available for download.
  • App for Bharatam.
  • App for Sandesh.
  • Which Is The Most Popular Social Networking Site In India?

  • There is no doubt that Facebook has been the top of the list for quite some time.
  • Indians rely on Whatsapp for their daily needs.
  • There is another social network that has recently gained popularity. It is Instagram.
  • You can follow me on Twitter…
  • LinkedIn.
  • What Social Media Do Indians Use Most?











    What Age Group Use Social Media The Most In India?

    Social media is used by the average internet user in the country for over three hours a day. Millennials and Gen Z made up a large portion of this user base. According to Facebook statistics, more than 73 percent of Indian users are between the ages of 18 and 24.

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