A decade ago, it was difficult to accept for people when you say them that you are a driver-less car engineer, data scientists or drone operator. It is because no such businesses were in existence a decade ago. But today these are the terms which are not alien to people and by 2030 you will see automation to hit the midpoint with over 16% of businesses becoming fully automated. There will also be a dislocation and impact because of the emerging technologies.

Brain computer interfaces, spatial computing, AI technology and more are likely to substitute manual labour. But it can’t be considered as the end of human jobs as there are several futuristic jobs that are likely to create because of these technologies.

Hologram Designer

Hologram Designer or Expert is the job that does exist today and likely to increase in demand in coming years. It is the best technology job for those who enjoy creating beautiful and attractive scenes in spatial computing. There is great demand of experienced of hologram designers who are expert in designing holograms using 3 dimensions. The specialists will deal with clients to understand their needs and test and confirm garments that interpret to augmented or virtual reality.

The hologram designers must have degree in Fashion Technology, computer science engineering or equivalent experience in designing clothing and accessories using virtual reality

Digital Couture Designer

It is another interesting job that is likely to be in demand due to emerging technologies in 2020. The job role of the designer involves creating creative and pioneering virtual couture. The job role is for someone who enjoys designing new dresses and creating fashion, while working as a team to create digital fashion designs and beautiful tailoring.

From design ideas to prototype virtual couture, the designer will work with the technology companies and fashion brands to create the required virtual couture that meet the specific demands of the clients. They will also be responsible for creating groundbreaking digital ideas and solutions according to varied platforms, devices and contexts.

Autonomous Car Licensed Specialist

Even if you are not driving the autonomous car, it is important to have a special licence for it. As per the set guidelines of Society of Automotive Engineers, almost all the autonomous buses that are in operation today are termed as level 3 autonomous systems and this indicates that a driver is needed for its operation. In some states, no license is needed for the driver-less cars, while some may need one.

Currently, there are 5 different levels of autonomous vehicles before it gets to completely driver-less autonomous cars. Until you reach the level 5 autonomous car, special license is needed to run that autonomous car. The autonomous car operator must have proven track record with autonomous vehicle and they must be passionate about AI technology in vehicles, and building a safe environment for future transportation.

Augmented Reality Life Designer

It is another popular job role which is likely to be in great demand by 2030. The person working as the AR Life Designer would be responsible for working with individual clients so as to understand their specific needs and design augmented reality life of choices for them. The designer is required to be people oriented and must have skills and years of experience in social media and augmented reality applications.

The job role of the designer involves connecting clients to fashions, brands, events as per their lifestyle choices and evaluating their needs on regular basis. Plus, they must be focused on new findings and explore unique AR experiences to help the clients stay ahead and apart from the crowd.

B2R2C Marketing Manager

The transaction types in virtual businesses are rapidly changing and new managerial job roles are being created due to the latest technologies. B2R2C or Business to Robot to Consumer is the type of job that is likely to alter the market when it comes to reaching customers. It is the new job role which is likely to chance the entire concept of marketing as it is upgrading to voice assistants, drones, AI technology and digital avatars which are becoming the new gatekeepers between consumers and brands.

Now B2R2C marketing managers are likely to reach their consumers via robots and they will carry out this by cultivating relationships with those robot gatekeepers. In this context, the voice assistant robots would become quite crucial than ever before. The role of the marketing manager is to deal the latest frontier of target markets, the robots. The manager must have in-depth understanding about different marketing technologies and reaching the new heights in market.

Personal Brain Trainer

It is another job role that is likely to be created by latest technologies like brain computer interfaces. The personal brain trainer job role involves helping the people with unique brain challenges and disabilities to learn new things and use the brain computer interfaces to help those people lead a desired lifestyle. The trainer is required to find out the best brain computer interfaces depending upon the needs of the clients and train the clients to master the selected brain computer interfaces.

Chief Empathy Officer

Virtual Reality or VR technology is the Spatial Computing and it comes with some amazing power to place a person in other’s shoes. Because of these supernatural powers of VR technology, it is referred as empathy machine. Today, many industries and companies are adapting the spatial computing and computing avatars are going to work with robots and people in different way which you have never imagined ever before. The Chief Empathy Officers will be in charge of those avatars and they would help customers and employees to navigate new landscapes in digitally evolving world.

The job role of Chief Empathy Officer involves building a culture of listening and understanding and work with executive leadership to multiply the potential of empathy within the organization and also messaging it to the brands and customers efficiently.

These were some of the futuristic jobs that you are likely to see on job portals in 2020.