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3 Reasons Why Application Whitelisting Is Right For Your Business 

If you run a business of any kind, you will have an online presence, and the very fact that you are connected to the Internet, means that your critical data is open to cyber-attack. Traditional anti-virus programs use the blacklisting approach, which was fine at first, but as time passed, the database files grew, as the program must be informed about every known malicious code, and with new viruses coming out on a daily basis, this is a time consuming task. Application whitelisting uses the opposite approach and basically, the only files that are allowed to execute are tried and tested files that have been included in the whitelist that you create. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with whitelisting solutions.

One thing about the traditional anti-virus programs is they are very bulky, with huge virus definition databases that must be updated on a daily basis. This is essential, as blacklisting involves logging all known viruses and constantly scanning for their presence, and with large software packages that must be installed at every workstation, this takes up a significant amount of your computing power, which would be better utilised by creating marketing campaigns or analysing data. Application whitelisting is all about creating a list of tried and trusted files and only these are allowed to run, irrespective of anything.

Blacklisting applications does not give you complete protection, as a virus that is unknown to the program will not be noticed, and with new viruses emerging daily, this is something you cannot afford to allow. Whitelisting means absolutely nothing can execute if it isn’t on the whitelist. This ensures that even a new virus is unable to infect any of your machines, and once in place, it is easy to use, and what’s more, takes up very little drive space. The software is very flexible and is suitable for every type of business, regardless of size, and by enlisting the help of the developer, you can have the system in place and say goodbye to that bulky blacklisting program that drains your computing resources and provides less than complete protection.

Real time reporting allows you to keep your finger on the pulse, so to speak, and from a single screen, you can see an overview of every single file in your organisation, regardless of how many offices you have. Detection is essential, and you can instantly detect anything that is unknown by configuring the system, and once a suspicious file is found, you can discover its origin and quarantine it until you have scanned the contents. Modern viruses have the ability to change their name and location, and there are tools to track this, which enables you to weed out anything suspicious.

If you would like to know more about application whitelisting and how it can help your company, an online search will take you to the website of a reputable developer who can create the ideal virus protection solution.

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Social Media Expert Phenomenon, Wait isn’t that guy the old Beanie Baby distributor? 

Is it just me or has there become a resident social media expert on every corner?! Not to be SLIGHTLY PESSIMISTIC friends but I think we would all be a bit remiss if we do not acknowledge that the qualities these new experts typically have in common are the 50 or so specializations they had pre-Facebook, which were one for every fad!

All I am saying is ask yourself what specific value you are getting before you go out and hire anyone for any sort of social media marketing service(s).

Moreover, with the massive generational divide when it comes to computer literacy the problem is even more pronounced.

Let’s be frank. Even knowing the very basics of using the most simple online communication and sharing tools like social networks; Facebook, Google Plus, Digg, etc somehow has led to the acceptable notion that you’re an expert because you know how to login and use the tools. BUT DO YOU?

Where are the metrics? Whose tracking it!!! Sorry for the exclamation points friends but often I want to that scream out at the top of my lungs. If you’re a novice, let alone a professional, there is NO EXCUSE for not doing everything in your power to measure and identify the results are of your social media marketing and advertising. If your social media expert doesn’t mention Google Analytics in the first 20 minutes of discussion, I’d move on!

How did we get to a place where we aren’t measuring our results or where they aren’t the most important consideration? Hmm… it’s as if everyone was stuck on there Facebook pages for the last 5 years screaming, HEY LOOK AT ME! (Maybe they were). I’d argue that anytime there is a situation where a massive leap in technology has made for as many rapid winners and losers, while a vacuum of irresponsible fascination has kept the masses pre-occupied; buying the virtual kool-aid, and funding the blue skies of bad business models; it becomes pretty darn interesting. At least it is to me.

Over the course of the last few years, there has begun to be a shift away from the blue sky towards establishing real business models that work; the bottom line has come back into focus. However, as that has occurred and as software to measure performance of online marketing has been more widely adopted, these self-appointed ’social media experts’ / expert narcissists continue to grow in numbers. So much so that I now think their may be 1 on every American city block. Well that’s the reason for this post. So together let’s take a look at this, ‘Social Media Expert Phenomemon’, how it occurred, and what you might be missing if you hire one without asking some basic questions.

  1. First of all, the tools for online marketers / digital marketing for both small business and online brand marketers are relatively new. As far as measurements of social media marketing and mobile advertising specifically the tools are brand new. The internet, social networking websites and social media have evolved so fast that things are changing daily.


Just in the last few weeks Google Places was replaced with Google + Local and Facebook has just started Promoted Posts! These are not metrics or methods by which we measure results but they are major changes and it takes time to both learn the changes and then adjust and measure advertising campaigns and social media elements of an overall marketing campaign. As a side note, these are both major indications that finally local small businesses and mom and pops are beginning to adopt and use social media and that they are seeing measurable results from it. THAT’S EXCITING and another reason why we need to push for promotion of using metrics as well as identify the skill sets and properly designate what deems someone an expert in online marketing and social media. Before I delve deeper into this let me just say this.

Yes, we have actually designed many succesful marketing campaigns and laid out detailed budgets with social media components that are integrated into those overall plans. We’ve also obviously designed and used in context ads, keyword ads, mobile ads, social network advertising / Facebook ads, ad networks and site exclusive sponsorships. However, we still do not consider ourselves EXPERTS.

Anyway, to carry on with identifying for you the evolution of adoption in usage of metrics as well as the best ways to measure metrics, as far as what really constitutes an expert in social media, it is someone who is very, very advanced in practice with using ALL THE TOOLS online advertising ad types, ad tools, metric tools, and can use them in conjunction with development and implementation of a social media campaign. We believe if the bar is not set high then there is little confidence in the outcome. Over time that affects the value of the services we provide in the eyes of our customers. Our goal is not to be the cheapest, but rather to be amongst the best.

The fact is, there are really VERY FEW EXPERTS OUT THERE, at least in contrast to the amount of companies that needs experts in this discipline.

The technology is just moving so fast and the metrics are all so new that keeping up with it is a daunting task. (Don’t mistake that for an excuse…read on)

For example. Googles new brand marketing initiative, Active View, Active GRP, and Brand Impact Survey Pilot were just introduced as concepts. The first two are now active with the Brand Impact Survey Pilot coming online soon. These tool are aimed at giving brand marketers a way to better employ online advertising metrics on a much larger scale in order to better measure value of their ad buys in terms of actual impressions on CPM based networks. (C.P.M. simple refers to cost per thousands views)

Here’s a little info on the Active GRP from Google. (Keep in mind it’s brand new.)

The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.

Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube.

The other tool that individuals and organizations of all types and sizes use is Google Analytics, often referred to as simply G.A.. G.A. obviously just stands for Google Analytics. Check out the Internet Marketing Terms tab on Portland Social Media and you too can be an expert. We’ll even make you a plaque for just $ 39.95! (J/k)

Anyway, Google Analytics, in it’s very short history has very quickly become the #1 method by which people perform statistical analysis of their online marketing performances. (1) MetricMail reports that Google Analytics market share represents 49.5% of the market share as far as Analytics tools. Clearly they are the market leader and with the only free solution in the league, Google Analytics is poised to be even more dominant as far as industry wide usage down the line. (More on Google Analytics below)

What I am driving at is, a “Social Media Expert” must first be a seasoned online marketing professional and understand a marketing plan from the very foundational structure it is built upon. If you’re looking to hire someone to help your small or large business with Social Media you should:

  1. Know the experience level of your social media marketing guru, in all respects related to marketing and not just social media.
  2. Make sure you know that she or he knows intimately the advertising platforms, ad types, ad networks.
  3. Make sure you and they are using metrics such as Google Analytics before, during, and when your incorporating your advertising campaign with your social media marketing campaign.

It’s all about metrics: Google Analytics is your friend!

Tips: When you’re talking with Social Media service providers you may often discover you should really be talking to online or digital advertising firms. Why? The truth is you’ll be surprised at how 99% of these, “Social Media Experts” have little to no actual experience with running large-scale advertising campaigns. This can make you the REAL guinea pig in their virtual world. Moreover, you’ll also shocked to know that many social media marketing gurus also have little operational experience with G.A.. This is a scary reality if your organization is spending a lot of money to venture blindly into the unknown, looking for the unquantifiable!

Anyway, before I go any further, as a HUGE PROPONENT of all organizations using Google Analytics, I just want to share more about G.A. with you as far as why it is so important to take the time to learn the tools and use them in measuring the effectiveness of your social media and marketing efforts in general. As far as ways to measure the activity and performance of a website, there were and still are other premium analytics tools out there from Abode and others, but never before has something as advanced and free been available to everyone. It’s an equivalent to opening the curtain and letting the light into your business. Without sounding like a commercial let me just say your crazy if you have a website and you’re not using it.

History of Google Analytics and what it offers

Google Analytics came about as one of the hundreds of acquisitions that Google, Inc has made since it’s inception. Urchin Software Corp. was where the technology first came from but clearly what they had then has been vastly built upon and then virtually reinvented with later enhancements. The Google Analytics service was first called Urchin on Demand. There was subsequently another acquisition by Google, Inc of Adaptive Path, Inc. who had a product called Measure Map. This product was integrated and used in what was the first major redesign of Google Analytics in 2006. Google Analytics was actually first available just 7 short years ago in late 2005. It actually came out in November 2005 but at that time, due to high demand a lottery system was used in order to get free access and start using the system.

Major developments of Google Analytics, besides the reintroduction and offering of service to all, free of charge, whether they advertise on Google or not, were a major 2006 redesign and asynchronous tracking codes which do two things. They improve page loads times and they are also way more accurate partially due to the first factor. Also noteworthy accomplishments off Google Analytics are the major redesign that took place in April 2011 which added features such as multiple dashboards, enhanced custom reports, real-time analytics and goal flow charts. Now we have social, mobile, and advertising analytics as well as premium analytics for larger advertisers.

So that sounds difficult and complex? Trust me, it’s not! I am actually infatuated with Google Analytics. So much so that last year I started writing a how to guide on using Google Analytics. That Google Analytics How To Manual will be available in Ebook format shortly on both iTunes and Amazon for the Kindles as well as the Nook at Barnes and Noble. However, I am not here to pitch my Google Analytics Ebook at all. The Google Analytics main screen and overall system makes it easy for you to use the tool, you just have to take a little time to study and practice using the features on your own. If your still frustrated or want to get a thorough explanation of how to use Google Analytics including the very latest features you have the link above.

The point I want to drive home to readers is this: Vet your Social Media Guru! Remember that old bumper sticker that said, “Who are you and who appointed you boss?” EXACTLY WHAT I AM GETTING AT…. These self-appointed experts lead to distribution of misinformation and give others a bad name. They also by their adoption of the title social media manager or social media marketing manager reinforce the very idea that the term, Social Media is in fact a fad.

Next time you run into someone at a social media tweetup or social media meetup that says they are a social media manager, stop and simply ask them what Social Media is? They’ll probably say something like, “Well it is everything”. No actually social media is not everything. Social media is an activity that consists of verbal and written communications between two or more people. Media refers to platforms to conduct that activity. There are web-based platforms and mobile based platforms. Anytime an exchange occurs online between any such media platform it can be referred to as, “Social media”. Therefore this loose definition means your social media expert may in fact know just two things.

  1. How to type (Oh and how to add friends and look popular)
  • and evidently they also have figured out how get online. Pretty sophisticated right?

Do you see what I am getting at? Slightly ubiquitous right?

Here is what I find utterly fascinating. Social Media marketing, in order to be effective typically requires a purchase of advertising, you know an actual advertising budget which is part of the overall marketing plan. This is this gasoline that powers the engine. There’s a detailed process that social media marketing campaigns go through typically inside a larger marketing plan that makes advertising and social media work together. Sometime they become one in the same.

However, in order to run a successful online marketing campaign that incorporates a Social Media Marketing element into your advertising and overall marketing plans you need to have at least a fundamental understanding and good working knowledge of what the advertising options are. Something that again a great majority of these social media experts lack.

This knowledge that any social media expert should have includes what typos of advertising actually exist, such as:

Thereafter ones needs to be able determine who the networks are and how they differ. Then one needs to be able to analyze what are the reaches for each provider in each ad type arena. What are the costs and tools available on the backend? Which ad types and ad providers have access to data giving you the ability to target ads to specific demographics. Which networks do not, meaning all the advertising is blind…that is unless your know which ad networks tailor themselves to content where they can measure audience therefore establish what the demographics are of those that will see if your ad, if you advertise with that network.

Not to mention that many of the free methods run very close to being in direct violation of best practices. So what I want to get across is that you should really make sure you’ve taken a top down look at how your overall marketing plan by incorporating advertising and social media together in such a way that you can get the very best use of social media.

Ask yourself: Are their buried treasures as far as very cheap ad that you have not run across? Usually the answer to this question is yes. Online advertising competition is FIERCE! The reality is that may of the biggest companies in America and the world are currently making some of the dumbest online advertising decisions possible. This is true with both general brand marketing as well as advertising specifically in the realm of directing traffic to boost a social media campaigns. The CPM’s they are paying in many cases are outrageous. above $10 is not uncommon! If Stakeholders realized how much money they could be saving by using better strategies such as trying out emerging ad types and platforms and by going direct to sites by cutting out ad networks, ad executives would be in for an earful.

What qualities does it take to be a Social Media Marketing Professional

Typically, besides a formal business educational background a Social Media Manager or Social Media Marketing Professional will have studied a blend of disciplines including social sciences, marketing (business), and she or he will at least a decent grasp on technology, as well as understand how to operate Google Analytics in order to measure and improve upon the data that G.A. provides.

Anyway, that’s all for now. BUYER BEWARE if you hire a Social Media Marketing Manager make sure you both agree what expertise and experience they should have.

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Simple Ways to Use Autoresponders In Blogging 

Have you heard about autoresponders. Simply we can define autoresponders as any tool to send emails to your blog’s email subscribers. Depending upon the number of your blog’s subscribers, you can either use Mailchimp or Aweber as your blog’s autoresponders.

Today we will share some simple strategies on how to use autoresponders in blogging to increase your blogging income and increase your blog’s traffic. Autoresponders are one of the best way to promote your affiliate products and make big bucks every month from your blog.Here are the simple ways to use autoresponders in blogging.

  • You can giveaway any free mini course regarding your blog’s niche. If your blog is regarding “how to loose weight”, you can simply giveaway any e-book or any short video to your blog’s visitors. Just create any simple landing page and ask your visitors to input their emails and sign up. You can use autoresponders to deliver the e-book or videos one by one included with your affiliated links. Your blog’s subscribers will check their emails and finally you will get a flood of traffic to your blog. Simply more money.
  • Another way in which you can use autoresponders is to promote any paid product in your blog. If your visitors found the product useful, they will surely sign up for the product as your blog’s subscribers. You can use autresponders to redirect your visitors to the product download page and make big commissions.
  • If your blog has thousands of articles, you can simply redirect your blog’s subscribers to the archives page.You can simply use autoresponders to send one post per week to your blog’s subscribers and get traffic to your blog. If your article contains affiliate links also, then you will surely get big commissions .This is one of the best way to flood your blog with traffic every week.
  • None As i previously stated, you can promote affiliate products with autoresponders very easily. If you have any product that you want your blog’s subscribers to buy must or surely recommended, then you can simply use autoresponders to redirect your blog’s subscribers to product’s landing page.This is one of the best way to make thousands of dollars every month with your blog readers.
  • If your blog is very much popular, or if you are any expert in making new blog’s popular, then you can simply launch any new product in your blog and use autoresponders to let your blog readers notify about the product launch. You can use various tools to get thousands of blog subscribers like WP SUBSCRIBERS OR OPTIN SKIN which works perfectly to boost your subscribers list by 400% This works great to increase your list and finally increase your blogging income overall.
  • Discounts works well. If you have any product that you want to promote and you are already getting good sales every day. You can use autoresponders to notify those buyers to buy another products at big discounts. This is one of the best method to increase your income overnight and make big big bucks. People love discounts and it works like charm.
  • Don’t only use autoresponder to promote your blog posts or affiliate products. You can also use autoresponders to interact with your blog readers and help them solve their problem if any. Interacting helps to make any business better.You can show your blog readers what you do in spare time, how you get new blogging ideas and anything that you want to share. The more you will interact, the more your readers will trust you.

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Simple Steps To Sell Your Blog Or Website On Flippa 

Flippa is one of the best website or marketplace to Sell Your Blog Or Website.If you want to Sell Your Blog Or Website, flippa is the first and last better option for you. At flippa, you can find valueable customers interested in buying your blog or website and you will get good money by selling your blog or website.Some of the websites are sold for more than $20,000 on flippa and even more. In this post i will explain you simple steps which must be followed if you are planning to Sell Your Blog Or Website on Flippa.

Here are some simple tips to On Flippa

  1. Your website should be generating some money. This is one of the most crucial step if you are planning to Sell Your Blog Or Website on flippa. Your website must be making some money and generate income for you every month. This will help your buyers generate interest in your blog and place their bid.Increase your traffic, increase your sales and remember, the more income your blog generates every month, the more better it wold be sold. If your blog generates $300 or $400 for you every month, you can Sell Your Blog Or Website for $7000 at flippa easily or even more.
  2. Your website should be connected with any analytical account. You can connect your blog with Google Analytics or other analytics account to show how much traffic your blog gets every month and resources to generates traffic.The more traffic, the more higher bid and more money.
  3. Trust rating is another factor which must be considered if you want to Sell Your Blog Or Website on flippa. The higher is your trust rating, the more buyers will be attracted towards your offer and place their bids. So make sure to increase your trust rating whenever you plan to Sell Your Blog Or Website on flippa.
  4. You should not increase the optimal length of your auction to very large. Make sure that you should take the optimal length upto 10 days. The shorter is your optimal time length, the more bids your offer will get and hence more money.If you increase the length upto 30 days or more, no buyer will bid on your offer and hence no interest.
  5. The minimum bid amount should be set to highest. If you are selling any blog or website on flippa that generates about $400 for you every month, you should set the minimum bid to $2000. If you set the minimum bid to $200 or $250, your auction will end up with a last bid of $500 or $600. Hence no or very less profit. Make sure to set the minimum bid to highest if you are planning to Sell Your Blog Or Website.
  6. Buy It Now price should also be set to reasonable. As i stated about, you should set high minimum bid and reasonable BIN. If you are sure about your income and traffic, you can set a reasonable amount of BIN for your blog.Don’t put it too high, so that your buyers get distracted away from your offer.
  7. Enlarge your description. Make sure that you should write as much description about your blog as you can. Try to explain everything and figure out everything from your blog.Your income stats, your traffic, your backlinks to your blog are the must factors if you want to Sell Your Blog Or Website on flippa.Be original and write everything original.
  8. Whenever anybody comments on your list or offer, don’t ignore it. Try to reply it with a valueable comment.This will increase your trust rate and you will get more buyers for your blog or website. Its another crucial step whenever you plan to Sell Your Blog Or Website.
  9. You must have a valid and valueable reason to Sell Your Blog Or Website. Make it properly stated in your description so that people should understand your need and bid according to your condition. The more original and trustworthy description you will write, the more better it will be for you.
  10. You should invite some qualified buyers to check out your offer if they are interested. Its another simple method to Sell Your Blog Or Website and make more money. If they are interested, they must place an order with a high amount.
  11. This is not actually a step. This is a bonus for you. You must spend some money $29 to list your listing on the homepage to get more attention from your readers. Once your blog is listed on front page, more buyers will attract toward your offer and you will make good money by Sell Your Blog Or Website.

These simple methods must be followed if you want to Sell Your Blog Or Website. If you know any other method, share with us.

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Simple Steps To Get Your First Affiliate Sale 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best method if you have a blog that get tons of traffic daily. Today we will deal with some simple steps which will help you to learn how to make your first affiliate sale. Affiliate marketing can help us make thousands of dollars overnight if you choose the perfect product to promote and use perfect techniques to promote it.In this article, we will deal with those simple steps which help any newbie to make your first affiliate sale.Now you won’t have to spend big bucks on learning the techniques on how to make your first affiliate sale, this method is so simple that any newbie can make his living better after reading this.

  • Sign Up And Choose Products :

Isn’t it simple enough. Just sign up for an affiliate account at Clickbank and choose a username that doesn’t show your name in it. Like if your name is “John Daniel”, you can choose any username like “discountcode” or anything else which look like any normal URL not your name. This is a big trick to make your first affiliate sale.At clickbank you will find thousands of products to promote according to your niche. Just select any 10 products you wish to promote. Make sure the products you are going to choose has gravity more than 25 and high conversion rate. This means that the product you are gong to promote is in high demand in the market.The product you are going to promote should have a pitch page to get more sales. This is the first step to make your first affiliate sale.

  • Keyword Research :

Another method to make your first affiliate sale is to perform a keyword research on the products you are going to promote. You can use tools like Google Keyword Tool to find keywords related to your affiliate products and check their global or local searches. Make sure that the keyword should have low competition and high searches every month.This will help you rank your affiliate products high in search results. If your keyword’s month searches are too much, let it go because it will have lots of competition ad you will not be able to rank your affiliate product higher.This is the next step to make your first affiliate sale.If you want to find low competition and high paying keywords, you should definitely try MICRO NICHE FINDER KEYWORD TOOL. This is till date one of the best tool available to search micro niches instantly.

  • Another step in the process to make your first affiliate sale is to create a new blog. You can use wordpress or blogger as your blog platform whatever you wish and according to your budget.You can create a new blog at Blogger and create a new post.Remember, the product you are going to promote, its keyword should appear in the URL of your blog post, in the heading of your blog post and inside the content of your blog post. This will work better with search engine optimization and you will be easily able to rank your keyword higher in search results and make sales. The more better and longer you write, the more sales you will be able to make. The more better you will optimize your blog posts, the more traffic your blog will get and finally more sales for you and more money in your pocket.
  • Traffic And Backlinks :

After you are done with your blog posts, its time to get traffic to your blog and build backlinks for your blog. The more backlinks you will make, the more longer your blog will stay on number 1 in search results.You can use any method to build backlinks like

There are hundreds of other ways to build backlinks for your blog. You can use any of them to build backlinks. Everyday try to make at least 10 backlinks for your blog.

  • You are done.

Repeat this process daily and you will soon start getting checks from clickbank. Make sure to run the process as described above. You can use any technique to promote your affiliate products.This is one of the most simple way to make your first affiliate sale.

These are some simple methods to make your first affiliate sale. If you know any other method which works the same and easy to make your first affiliate sale, share with us.

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Increase Your Affiliate Earnings With Simple Tricks 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best method to make money with your blog.What you have to do is just pick up any product, promote it and make money.The more you promote is the more sales you will make and hence more money.In this article, i will explain you a simple method to become a power affiliate and Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.Here are some simple steps which will help you to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.

  • Proper keyword research is one of the most crucial step to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.The more wisely you will choose your keywords, the more benefits you can gain with your products.You should choose low competition and high demand keywords for your blog while promoting any product.
  • Social marketing is one of the best method to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.Try to spread your affiliate links as to as much social networks as you can.The more you promote, the more sales you will get and hence more benefits.
  • If you are promoting any product as an affiliate, try to make it fully understandable to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings. The more you will explain better, the more your audience will know more about product and hence you will get more sales.This is a very simple and important step to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.
  • There are lots of websites where you can place your links and banner ads by spending some money. You can spend some money to promote your products by banner ads and Increase Your Affiliate Earnings. Its another simple tactic to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.
  • You know videos can help you to boost your sales and Increase Your Affiliate Earnings. Make a simple video showing how your product works and Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.The more briefly and clearly you will explain, the more better will be for your readers to get it.Make sure to upload your videos to .
  • If you think there are vacations all over the world or you think its time for people all over the world for tourism, you should promote products according to them.Choose your products wisely according to occassion to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.
  • You can check various websites like ebay, Google Trends to check hot trends all over the world. Then you should pick up ht products according to trends and promote them.
  • This is one of the best and most important step if you are in world of affiliate marketing.You should promote products which will help you make more money and Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.Choose products which will help you earn more than $100 per sale you make. This method will surely help to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.
  • Never use direct links in your blog to promote your affiliate links. You can use various premium plugins if you are on wordpress platform. These plugins will help you to hide your affiliate links and Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.If you will use direct links, people will think you are promoting products because of your commission only.
  • Write a brief blog post explaining everything about your product you are promoting. Use proper banners to promote your affiliate product and Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.

I hope these simple tactics will surely help you to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings.

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How To Build Backlinks After Google Penguin Update Safely 

Backlinks are just like the back bone of any blog. The more quality backlinks your blog has, the more you will be able to rank it higher in search results. This simply means more traffic and more sales and finally more money in your pocket. But, all of us also have heard about google penguin update. Every time when google penguin update, there are lots of blogs which are totally ruined and get what they deserve by Google.

Today we will share some simple methods on how to make backlinks for your blog after google penguin update.These methods or steps works well to build dofollow high PR backlinks for your blog every time google penguin update.So, here are the steps.

  1. Guest Blogging : This is one of the best method to build backlinks every time google penguin update. You can search for high PR blogs accepting guest posts and contact them and ask for a dofollow backlink. This is totally safe way to build backlinks after every time google penguin update.The links obtained from guest blogging are one of the best considered backlinks to boost your blog reputation after google penguin update.

Guest blogging is not as much difficult as we think. As we write quality articles for our blog, just what we have to do is write for other blogs under the same niche. This is one of the most effective way to build backlinks after google penguin update.Alternatively you can take help from Guest Post Secrets to drive massive traffic and build backlinks for your blog.

  1. Blog Commenting is another great method to build backlinks after google penguin update.With the help of blog commenting, its very easier to build high PR backlinks and increase page rank for your blog after google penguin update.Just search google for high PR dofollow blogs under your niche and start leaving your valueable comments. Make sure to write something that the author should respond to. Never leave a comment like “awesome info “, “i was looking for it” or anything like that. These type of comments are mostly suited for trash. The more valueable comments you make, the more better rank and backlinks you can achieve. This is one of the another great method to build backlinks after google penguin update.
  2. Submitting your articles to high PR article directories works perfect. Just search for high PR article directories and start submitting your articles. This method works perfect after google penguin update to build backlinks for your blog. The more you submit, the more backlinks you will be able to make. This is another great method to build backlinks after google penguin update.Not only backlinks, you will get shit loads of traffic to your blog after google penguin update with this method.
  3. Forums works well. There are many forums like warriorforum or DigitalPoint forum which you can join and start discussing about anything. You should set up a better signature for your profile. The more you discuss, the more backlinks you are making for your blog after google penguin update.This is one of the best method to increase backlinks for your blog after google penguin update.
  4. PDF files works perfectly in this case. You can use websites like Scribd or Docstoc to convert your articles into pdf and share with others. This is a great way to build backlinks and drive massive traffic to your blog after google penguin update. The more e-books you make, the more backlinks you make and finally high reputation for your blog. This method works safely to build backlinks after google penguin update.

These are some simple ways to build backlinks after google penguin update.If you know any other method to build backlinks safely after google penguin update, share with us.

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