Sometimes seemingly simple things can take up your whole time. It can happen at your workplace, at your house, while traveling, etc. it just doesn’t come right, which becomes quite frustrating. At these times, you will need magic to make things work, like a strategy, technique, trick, or a small shortcut that will make your life a lot easier. The world has changed a lot because of technology, and if you want to be a master at what you do and get the feeling that you are the boss here are a few simple tricks that can make your productivity a lot better, and make your life a lot easier and get your work done at a faster pace. Though it may seem simple, these hacks can get you a lot of time in your hands:

A few tips that will help you take control of things

With everything becoming online, your computer, laptop, or phone is the best friend you have and to make things easy and efficient; you need to keep your gadget in top shape and make you do your work in much lesser time, you can make use of these tips:

  1. Sometimes after typing a text, you will realize that you need to change the case, for this, you can highlight the phrase and hit shift + F3, this will change your case easily with the first letter capitalized
  2. Sometimes while doing a search you come across a lot of articles, and you will have to read it all to know about the real content, instead of reading the whole article, you can download a chrome extension TLDR, this extension will provide you with the main idea of the article so that you will know if it is useful to you or not.
  3. When working on your laptop or computer you sometimes accidentally delete a tab or browser, to reopen this you need to use ctrl/cmd + shift + T, this will easily reopen your closed browser without going to history in search of it.
  4. Proofreading an article will take a lot of time, so to make it simple, you can paste your article in Google Translate and listen to it. It picks up simple mistakes and errors in typing. So paste the article to Google Translate and make your proofreading fast and simple.
  5. When you have to do an important PowerPoint presentation, a slide show will make it a lot easier; for this, you can save your presentation in.PPF instead of.PPT so that when you open your presentation, it will open up in a slideshow mode.
  6. If you want to scroll up and down a web page, you don’t have to do it the usual way. Instead, hit the spacebar and get to the bottom of the web page, and if you want to scroll up, then you can hit the space bar + shift. This will take you to the top of the web page.
  7. If you are a content writer or have assignments for college, you can use instead of searching in Google .com; you can also find downloadable content by adding PDF to the search.

These seven hacks can make your work a lot easier and can make you feel that you are the boss of your world because you don’t need any one’s help to do things the right way.

You can go through a lot of other tips that will help you do little things more efficiently and easily, a lot of simple things that take your time can be done easily:

  • Sometimes there are troubleshooting issues in your computer
  • 7 just add solved to sieve through the results and get to the genuine problem.
  • Your excel file will take up lots of your space on the computer if you save the excel file as an.XLSB it will shrink the excel file by almost half of its original size.
  • Want to access your browsing history to be cleared, you can access the clearing window by just ctrl+shift + del this will et you to the clear data window faster
  • While doing your search in chrome, you will have to open a lot of tabs and if you want to go to a particular tab, use cmd + 1, 2, 3 to go to the tab you want to be based on their position. This way you can make your search easier when you get to the tab you want
  • If you want to highlight a certain horizontal row, you can do it by hitting shift + spacebar, and if you want to highlight the whole vertical column you can just hit control + space bar
  • Sometimes you need to mark certain phrases on a webpage and share it with your colleagues or friends, you can do this with, this will highlight the lines you want in yellow, and you can share this to anyone you want with a link.

These are the small tips that can go a long way to make what you do easier, save a lot of your time. Our time is very limited, and we have lots of things to do in this limited time, so using small tech hacks can make a lot of difference in saving your time. Not only in your workplace but also in your house, you can do a lot of things faster if you go through simple hacks that will help you do things faster but more efficiently. There are all kinds of hacks on the internet which you can follow in your daily life, give it a try and see how wonderful it will turn out to be.

The bottom line

Tech hacks have become so important in our lives that there are a lot of websites that have a whole lot of hacks that help you with running your life simply and more easily. These are just not ideal, but if you put it into practice, it will help you change your attitude towards life. It’s just like setting up the alarm to make you get up in the morning. So make it a habit to do these simple things and see the difference it makes in your life. With the tech hacks, you can finish your work before the deadline because simple things take up lots of your time, and these hacks will help you save all that time and get your work done in a lot lesser time.