Sometimes seemingly simple things can take up your whole time. It can happen at your workplace, at your house, while traveling, etc. it just doesn’t come right, which becomes quite frustrating. At these times, you will need magic to make things work, like a strategy, technique, trick, or a small shortcut that will make your life a lot easier. The world has changed a lot because of technology, and if you want to be a master at what you do and get the feeling that you are the boss here are a few simple tricks that can make your productivity a lot better, and make your life a lot easier and get your work done at a faster pace. Though it may seem simple, these hacks can get you a lot of time in your hands:

A few tips that will help you take control of things

With everything becoming online, your computer, laptop, or phone is the best friend you have and to make things easy and efficient; you need to keep your gadget in top shape and make you do your work in much lesser time, you can make use of these tips:

  1. Sometimes after typing a text, you will realize that you need to change the case, for this, you can highlight the phrase and hit shift + F3, this will change your case easily with the first letter capitalized
  2. Sometimes while doing a search you come across a lot of articles, and you will have to read it all to know about the real content, instead of reading the whole article, you can download a chrome extension TLDR, this extension will provide you with the main idea of the article so that you will know if it is useful to you or not.
  3. When working on