There are many people in this digital world who are struggling to make out time for their family and friends because of consistent push notification, hourly involvement in online news and anxious about their appearance on social media profiles. Many are facing this dilemma in digital age. Unlike early days, today in this digital world are suffused with information from different devices, dozens of online services, 24 hours of streaming and more. It can be a lot for anyone. So, it is the time to shut down all these devices and electronic channels and dedicate time for improvement of digital wellbeing.

People living in this digital era are becoming very dependent on different digital gadgets and devices, from Smartphone to laptops to gaming consoles. There are many such electronic gadgets that immerse today’s generation. So, this has bought the attention of mental health experts to launch a unique concept of digital wellbeing or digital wellness. People must learn to balance time with technology as it is important for their digital wellness.

What is Digital Wellness?

Digital Wellness is basically the state of one’s mental and physical health in the digital era. To be honest, Digital Wellness actually refers to the preventive measures that are taken to regulate and enhance the healthy usages of digital technology for better Digital Wellness. Monitoring time spent on Smartphone and minimizing online activities are just two great examples of improving your Digital Wellness.

Why Digital Wellness is Important in Digital World?

The time you spend or the way you use the digital gadgets and consume digital products negative impacts different aspects of life. Many experts have reported that the use of technology has different negative impact on mental wellbeing, especially in younger generation. Experts have also suggested that people must keep checking their digital wellbeing …