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Microsoft Surface Pro Review (Windows Surface Review) 

With Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft has developed a tablet device for mainstream use. It comes equipped with an Intel based processor and Windows 8, which means you get to use every imaginable application that works on a regular desktop computer. The Microsoft Surface Pro brings with it the promise of being both a productivity device and a consumption device. But does the it deliver on it’s promises? Let’s find out in this Microsoft Surface Pro review.

The Microsoft Surface Pro definitely has a lot going for it. But also may have some show stoppers. Let us examine the pros and cons of the Microsoft Surface Pro:

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet:

  • Powered by Windows 8 Pro (x64) – Having Microsoft Windows 8 Pro on the go has many advantages. You have every application you would otherwise have on your personal computer. Apps such as full version of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are at your fingertips, offering you the same office or home experience on the go.
  • Intel Inside – With a core i5 processor, you not only get performance but also support for all legacy desktop applications. With Surface RT, the ARM processor came into heavy fire because of the lack of support for traditional Windows applications. This feature alone makes the Windows Surface Pro the winner over Surface RT.
  • USB Ports on a Tablet! – Having a USB 3.0 port on a tablet is a blessing. It allows you to plug a variety of peripherals and accessories into your tablet. There are very few tablets out there that have an actual USB Port.
  • Full HD Display – Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a glorious full HD, 1080p resolution display. This permits vivid imagery, beautiful and sharp colors, and excellent video playback.
  • Exceptional Build Quality – Microsoft Surface Pro has an excellent build quality overall, something you would expect from an ultrabook/tablet device these days.
  • Great Design – The ability to turn the Windows Surface Pro into a laptop by attaching a keyboard and utilizing its inbuilt kickstand has many benefits. You can use it in the office or college as a regular laptop and turn it into a tablet once you are on the go. Moreover, Microsoft has cleverly designed the keyboard right into the cover of the tablet, which means you won’t have to carry it separately.
  • High Performance – Needless to say, Microsoft Surface Pro comes with the all powerful Intel Core i5. With this processor, you can multitask, run heavy applications and enjoy casual games.
  • Mini HDMI Port – Feel like extending your desktop to another screen? With the Microsoft Surface Pro’s dedicated Mini HDMI Port, you can extend your desktop to a bigger screen and enjoy more work space or simply view movies or series through your HD TV.
  • Pressure Sensitive Stylus – Microsoft Surface Pro ships with a handy pressure sensitive stylus from Wacom. This is a high quality stylus with an eraser on the back. It is excellent to use while taking notes or working with Adobe Photoshop.

Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet:

  • Limited Storage – Unfortunately, the biggest shortcoming of this Windows 8 tablet is its limited storage. The OS itself takes away at least 45 GB of your SSD storage. This is seemingly quite expensive for the 64GB version. For this very reason it is recommended that you should try getting your hands on the 128GB variant of the tablet, otherwise you may quickly run out of storage.
  • Short Battery Life – Another drawback of the Microsoft Surface is its battery life. Microsoft promised to offer extended battery life on its new Windows 8 powered tablets. Unfortunately, with Microsoft Surface Pro, it seems the company did not live up to the promise made. With average usage, the tablet/laptop hybrid can max out at 4-5 hours, which can be a problem for some.
  • Heavy and Thick for a Tablet – Weighing at almost 2lbs, it is quite a bit heavy for a tablet PC. But there are certain advantages of this too. For example, when on its kickstand, using its weight the Windows tablet can easily balance itself. But be prepared to tire your hands if you use it as a tablet.
  • Awkward Laptop Mode – The kickstand serves its purposes well when you are using the tablet as a laptop with its keyboard attached. However, if you ever try using it in its laptop form on a couch or in bed, you will have to fight a constant battle to balance the device on your lap.
  • No Discrete GPU – Microsoft Surface Pro comes with an Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics chip. It is powerful enough to give you beautiful and vivid imagery with excellent full HD video playback. However, if you have a hidden gamer in you, you might be slightly disappointed. The device can run some recent games but with almost all advanced settings turned off.
  • Few Touch Friendly Apps – While Windows 8 compatibility gives the Surface Pro Tablet a big advantage over tablets from other platforms, you will find that many popular, touch oriented tablet apps have yet to become available for Windows 8 Tablets. While we expect this will change in the future, this is definitely a point to consider if you are buying a tablet today.

Still haven’t decided if the Microsoft Surface Pro is the right thing for you? Can’t decide simply by looking at its pro and cons? Let’s see what the critics have to say about this device.

David Pierce of The Verge didn’t exactly like the fact that he couldn’t use the laptop form in a comfortable position; for example, while sitting on the couch. He calls this a ‘dealbreaker’ for him.

‘’Actually, that’s what frustrates me about the Surface Pro. It’s definitely not a tablet, but it’s also not a “laptop,” strictly speaking — I never figured out how to actually use the thing on my lap, with a keyboard attached and the kickstand out. I like kickstands on tablets, and this one is plenty sturdy and clicks in and out with a satisfying firmness. It only goes out at one angle, though, which is too upright unless you’re sitting at a desk with the Surface directly in front of you. But the real dealbreaker for me was that it’s just unusable in my most common position — sitting on my couch, feet on the coffee table, with the computer on my lap. I’d spend forever getting the device balanced, only to have it tip over as soon as I touched the screen or tapped on the Type Cover. I don’t know if a more flexible kickstand would solve the problem or not, but as it is you’re pretty limited in the ways you can use the Surface Pro’’.

Jason Evangelho of Forbes was surprised by Surface Pro’s video gaming capabilities. He tested games like ‘Diablo III’, ‘Portal 2,’ ‘Civilization V’ and XCOM, and was quite happy with the performance.

‘’The Surface Pro is a prime example of synergy between well-chosen components. Intel’s Core i5, HD Graphics 4000, 4GB of RAM and the snappy SSD cooperate to deliver surprising AAA gaming performance – yet another reason this machine sits firmly in the realm of ultrabook and not tablet. My testing in this category included one constant: running the games at the Pro’s native 1920×1080 resolution. Portal 2 and Diablo III impressed, both outputting at least 25fps on near-maximum graphics settings (shadows and Antialiasing were bumped down slightly). The same for Civilization V and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.’’

He also pointed out that Call of Duty Fans should be aware that Microsoft Surface Pro can struggle to run their favorite game.

Mary Branscombe of TechRadar compliments the performance of Surface Pro. She assures the tablet/laptop hybrid is capable of running most conventional apps.

‘’When running Photoshop and applying complex filters, editing 15GB raw images in Lightroom, rendering HD videos in Premiere Pro, watching 450 fish swimming at 60fps in the FishIE benchmark, the Core i5-3317U in the Surface Pro shows its speed and power. You’ll have no problem transcoding audio and video, running Visual Studio or using modelling and CAD software. If you’ve used one of the very latest Core i5 processors, you know what sort of performance to expect from the Surface Pro. If you’ve used one of last year’s Core i5 notebooks, the Surface Pro is definitely faster’’.

Scott Lowe of IGN calls the Microsoft Surface Pro a ‘costly endeavor’. He believes there is still a huge room for improvement in the PC/tablet hybrid category.

‘’There’s a future in PC/tablet hybrids and with Windows 8 and the Surface series, Microsoft is making significant headway. But there’s still significant barriers when it comes to portability, energy efficiency, and cost. At $899 for the 64GB variant and $999 for the 128GB model (of which, only offers 29GB and 89GB of available storage), the Surface Pro is a costly endeavor. And until processing and battery technology get to the point where thinner, lighter, and more energy-efficient products can emerge, the category will be limited to all-in-one portables that struggle to match the utility and efficacy of their tablet and notebook equivalents’’.

Should you buy the Microsoft Surface Pro?

Microsoft Surface Pro is a pretty good Windows 8 Tablet PC overall. It has the full capabilities of a desktop PC and the portability of a tablet. If you are a professional or student always on the go, you get the ability to use your entire desktop setup in the palm of your hands. The ability to run potentially millions of desktop apps, including your per-existing corporate apps, school apps, etc. give the Windows Surface a distinct advantage over tablets on other platforms.

While the Microsoft Surface Pro offers a lot of potential benefits, for some people, its potential is less important than its actual accessibility and overall design. The Surface Pro suffers mostly due to its form factor, especially if you are the kind of a person who often works from the couch or any other awkwardly comfortable positions. It is not only uncomfortable to use on your lap, but also runs out of power if you are not constantly charging it. Storage is also a key drawback with Microsoft Surface Pro. With the operating system taking almost two thirds of the available storage space, you have no choice but to spend an additional $100 and get the 128GB variant. With its high price and short battery life, the Microsoft Surface Pro will be a tough choice for anyone not a corporate user, professional, or tech geek with money to burn.

Ultimately, we feel that Windows 8 Tablets are the way of the future. It will just take time for the price and the performance to reach a level where mainstream consumers are interested in buying the device. Unit that happens, Windows 8 Tablets will struggle to gain mind share, let alone market share. Perhaps the Windows Surface Pro II will provide a practical alternative to the iPad and Google Android Tablets.

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Tips to get more out of Android as a platform desktop 

If you are also considering to start to use an Android device as if it were a PC, you must surely be wondering what are the things you need to grab to take full advantage of this capability are. Here are some tips.

Android has become a very mature platform, and every day we see new applications will be found. The flexibility of the operating system Google has led the manufacturers to get into almost anything, and some manufacturers are beginning to see the future and as a platform for desktop computers affordable.

The truth is that using Android as a desktop platform is not such a crazy idea if we start from the fact that Google already believe that for the average user that is needed to enjoy a PC is a good browser . In addition, between nourished catalog of Google OS applications, but not too many, it can be said that there is an adequate amount to move well enough with keyboard and mouse on a big screen.

Here are some steps to follow to get the most out of Android as if it were a desktop platform.

The first, of course, is the Hardware. Although you can buy Android computers already come with everything you need, if you are starting from a gadget you already have in your house, you might want to know what are the peripherals and accessories you need to use that smartphone, tablet or stick Android as a PC .

  • Connect to Monitor: Obviously if we use our gadgets more Android PC desktop style the first thing to do is connect to a monitor. Already in the last part of this article I explained you need to know to be able to connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV or monitor with HDMI, which will be much easier if you use a stick Android.
  • Mouse: Select the correct use depends on the type of mouse we have Android gadget. If this is a stick, which most of the time do not have Bluetooth but USB, then you’d better choose a USB mouse.The opposite happens with phones and tablets, as a general rule use the same port for video output and USB OTG, so we need to connect the monitor to deprive us of the USB functionality, and therefore the best choice will be a Bluetooth mouse.
  • Keyboard: Here we apply the same rule as with the mouse to decide whether to use USB or Bluetooth connectivity. It should be noted that some keyboards have a mouse pad, which will save us some dollars compacting all in one device. You should also look out for when buying you are purchasing a full size keyboard and not a reduced, more useful dimensions if we want to use a stick to give Android smart functions on our TV.
  • None If you have an Android stick, or any other gadget with the operating system of the big G have separate output USB port input video then you should use a USB hub to get more ports available.
  • Dock: Many smartphones and tablets have accessories that can be purchased separately and give a complete set of ports and media outlets, as in the case of the Motorola Atrix. Special mention deserves the Galaxy, especially the S3, S4, Note 2 and Note 3 for Samsung range there docks official and unofficial that let you use USB and HDMI ports at the same time.

As for the software, we also know of some applications that will be essential in your journey within the operating system of Google. Then we left that we consider vital, and you will be on your part to discover some others depending on your needs .

  • Qickly: This is an interesting application that allows you to use widgets in floating windows. Particularly useful for those who are very used to this functionality in most desktop operating systems. It costs 1.49 dollars in the Google Play Store .
  • Tiny Apps: Another set of useful tools that work by way of floating around. It has applications such as calculator, notes, drawing, even a music player. A version of payment and Lite , both downloadable from the Play Store.
  • Dolphin Browser: Although almost all Android browsers already have the practical function of windows, most shows on their websites for mobile version, which is not always the best, as in the present case. Dolphin Browser is the option to select Desktop and client use, so any web show us as if we saw it from a PC.
  • None Unfortunately still nothing for Android that features the complexity of LibreOffice or Microsoft Office, Kingsoft Office but they are pretty close. It is a fairly complete office suite, with which you surely will be very comfortable for the most basic functions, and best of all is that is free .
  • Plume: Plume is a Twitter client with a career already in the Google store. Besides being free and extremely well run, has an interface that will fit very well if you want to use on large screens. It is free in the Google store.
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Tips to build a PC as a rookie 

  • Make sure all the components chosen are compatible.
  • Buy the components that best suit the purpose of the computer.
  • You should not always choose the most expensive for optimal performance.
  • Make sure you have proper care while you assemble the team.

It is not at all a secret that build a PC from parts usually much cheaper to buy everything ready. However, this of your own PC hop usually unknown territory for the vast majority of people, even if they are increasingly the brave who dare to take risks with the goal of saving some money and gain more performance change .

If you have decided you are creating your first piece of computer art, but there are still things that are not clear, then you surely will interest these tips we have prepared for rookie Armando computers.

Select the components to be used, besides being the first step is perhaps the most fundamental and important, because according to that we use, your computer will be more or less potent and have more or less high costs. Therefore, choosing which pieces will never use an easy task, and this is where you should take more calm to choose the best possible way

  • Processor: Choose processor is relatively simple, since there are only two large houses on the market. The choice of one or the other may be to simple personal preference Intel or AMD . However, depending on what you want there is a general rule quite useful. If you want high performance and affordable prices, then buy an AMD, which gives you everything you need to take advantage of any game. However, if yours is excessive performance regardless of the price , or conversely you want something very cheap for the most basic jobs and do not care about games or design tasks, the processor you are looking for an Intel.
  • Motherboard / Mainboard: When choosing the motherboard (or “motherboard” in Spain), the best brands are ultimately Asus, Gigabyte, and XFX , but if you want something more basic can chooseAsrock or Foxconn . However, the most important thing to consider, in addition to allowing you to use the type of RAM and video card you plan to use, is that the socket is compatible with the CPU . For Intel, the sockets are currently using 775, 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011. If you’ve opted for AMD, usually work with AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 + and FM1. You must be aware of that each processor has a specific type of socket.
  • RAM: As for the RAM , check our advice is that you buy the most modern format DDR3 modules, and make sure the motherboard of choice is compatible with the technology (remember DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 are not compatible other). Between 2GB and 3GB of RAM will be more than enough if you want a basic computer, but if you want something to play, then be sure that a minimum of 8Gb will save you headaches for a while . Regarding brands, basically all companies with some fame in the world of technology will make your job well.
  • Video Card: If you are not planning to work too heavy submit your new computer, then you can ignore this component relax. If, however, your new PC will be used to play or work, then NVIDIA and AMD have a large catalog that sure I’ll like it. The two brands have very heavy artillery and done an outstanding job, but here AMD tends to have a better balance between performance and price.Remember, unless you have more money than you can spend, you need not squander $ 1000 on a card, as the mid-range market with everything you can the great houses of games presented in the next two years.

Once ye have come all the components for the assembly, it is best that you consider some details that could be very important and will save you having a hard time looking at what Google has been what went wrong.

  • Plan before you build: Whether you’ve never assembled a computer room, as if you already have some experience doing it, you must remember that each PC can be a different world, so the first thing you should do is always to have a good plan what you do, and stick to it. In this way you can avoid skipping things and significantly reduce your chances of things not work at boot.
  • Try as you build: Once you have added all the hardware components basic to the motherboard (RAM, CPU, Video Card), you connect to the power source and a monitor on and verify that everything is working, and avoid having that attachment and detachment especially if nothing happens at first.
  • Be careful when applying the thermal paste: one of the most common problems when arming a computer is the wrong applied thermal grease, leading to subsequent “unexplained” problems. So you should always be careful to do the right way, that is by applying small amount in the center, crank up the heat sink and screw, which evenly distribute the paste.
  • Watch airflow: We all know that the more fans we add to our computer, better able to handle the excess heat. However, most tend to position all the fans to draw the air, which is not always the best option. The fact is that sometimes should balance the input and output, to avoid a negative balance within the team, leading to a worse heat dissipation.

And that’s about all you can say for now. As final advice, you should take full account of this ride you can have your own equipment its collateral problems, for example, if a component goes you have to disassemble damaged personally and claim warranty. Generally to make use of these guarantees you require in addition to invoices and other, box and package in the coming decomposed component , so it is best to keep it all.

On the other hand, once took stock and preparing the operating system installation, you will have made ​​sure that you have noticed a pile of discs Software. As a personal advice, going all the material and download directly on the Internet , from the website of the manufacturer, the drivers you need, you’ll save time and be less complicated.

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What Are The Best Student Laptop Deals 

Are you currently a parent or guardian which has to purchase a laptop computer for your college student? Maybe you are an adult who would like a laptop for your very own. If that’s the case, you’ve got what seems like an infinite variety of buying possibilities. Nonetheless, if you’ have limited funds, you will. Looking for cheap laptops for sale, how will you find them? Are you currently looking at buying another laptop computer that weighs a lot less than one you have now? In case you agreed, then you are in luck since a lot of makers are actually making inexpensive laptops. You may get laptops that happen to be thinner compared to be expensive, nevertheless, they still function well.

Many of them can also perform similar function as larger laptops, although with one key difference and that’s with the cost which you spend on them. The more costly laptops could cost over a few thousand dollars even though the most affordable could cost less than one hundred. The small sizes of such cheaper laptops cause them to become very portable and therefore offer the best student laptop deals, and also ideal as a good second machine. Do not be fooled and assume that merely since these are cheap, which suggests they are not good products. Absolutely, nothing could be even further from the truth; sure, they could get more limited random-access memory, but they carry on being perfect for their capabilities well. If you want, you may choose low-cost Asus laptops. You will probably find cheap variations of HP laptops. Would you prefer affordable MSI laptops? MSI builds amazing laptops, which are small and well-built. If you have a preference for other makes, choose cheap Toshiba laptop computers as well as low-cost Sony laptops. Acer can certainly be purchased cheap.

Retail Sales: It’s possible to find laptops on sale at your neighborhood retail stores or perhaps media stores. Having said that, you will discover the best prices. (which means the very best cheap laptops) twice during the year. Both times are return to college season, which has a tendency to run from July and carries on to the start of September, plus the vacation shopping season, which is likely to run from November until December.

Discount student Laptops: Without a doubt, the majority of adults, university students, and senior high-school students would rather use a completely new laptop. Then again, you have to make adjustments when you’re on budget. Fortunately, you can find really good prices on refurbished laptop computers from various sources. They are very easy to find on the internet, and numerous local retailers sell them as reduced items too. Refurbished computer systems have been used before, however, they are like. brand-new and perform like new too. The best thing is the prices are usually one hundred or two hundred dollars Used Laptop: As previously mentioned, just as much as you and your college or university student would really like the latest device, it is very important to cut costs any time you have limited funds.

For this reason, you should think about buying used. Pre-owned computers are really easy to find on classified internet sites like Craig’s For those who have a preference regarding the actual brand, search with that name brand. Otherwise, don’t use anything but the normal search criteria. Before you agree to purchase a laptop for a college student that has been used, ask the owner to start it up and and operate it for a while to ensure the laptop works and operates well. We have given you have a number of suggestions about how you can acquire a cheap laptop computer, regardless of whether you’ll need a computer for your own use, or even for a young teenager, there are a variety of methods you can use to spend less and find a great deal.

You already know the names of these manufacturers who demonstrate that they’re going to go cheap but continue to be well made. Absolutely no way would they even make low quality and jeopardize their excellent reputation. As they may very well be competing, they are going to ensure that you’ll get good products and services at affordable prices. If you would like to purchase a cheap laptop, there are many manufacturers to choose from.

One of the features that is really underrated in today’s high-performance laptops is an LED backlit keyboard. What are many people who wouldn’t purchase a laptop without one, there are even more who do not know they exist? We will have a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a laptop with a backlit keyboard, so that you can decide for yourself. There are some p reasons for using a laptop that features an illuminated keyboard, Obviously, one of the biggest reasons is you can use the laptop in a poorly lit room or even in the dark.

Many of us can’t type without looking at the keyboard, and if you’re one of these people that like to sit in bed with your laptop having a backlit keyboard is going to be great help. If you buy a computer that has a backlit keyboard it is normally a high spec laptop of better quality. You will obviously have equipment that has high-performance components, in some regards this will prevent you from buying a computer that will run slowly and will not perform very well particularly for playing games, and using applications that use a lot of resources.

They look really good too.

And also having a laptop that has an illuminated keyboard is very aesthetically pleasing. This is indeed important as you want to be happy with your purchase, and you are really going to enjoy using your new laptop. If you have taken this into consideration, you will see that it’s a good idea to invest the laptop with a backlit keyboard. Those are just a few of the benefits of laptops that feature illuminated keyboards. There are also negative issues as well. Here are just a few of the negative issues. If you’re looking for a laptop that performs well at a reasonable price, they will nearly always be more expensive. For some this is a bad thing and maybe a reason for not buying one. Furthermore, they will use more battery power. This is not really a problem if your at home you have got the laptop plugged in, but if you move around a lot you will find you may have limited use. Some people simply don’t need one. This reason enough not to buy one, there’s no point paying extra money for a laptop that has a backlit keyboard if you don’t need it. You will have to think over this one very carefully, as you may be better off putting the money towards more useful features.

HP ENVY 14-2161SE 14.5-inch screen Beats Edition isalso a Gaming Laptop and ispowered byanIntel I5-2430M processor, has 6GB RAM, a 750GB HARD DRIVE, AMD Radeon 1GB Video Card USB 3.0, a Red Backlit Keyboard, and this isalso a USVersion import.

The Apple MacBook Air is also a quality laptop, and the latest model isquoted asbeing 2 1/2 times faster, itcomes equipped with anIntel Core i5processor and a full-size backlit keyboard, a 13.3-inch display and also come standard with their flash storage and boots upina matter ofseconds. Quoted battery life ofuptoseven hours. A very slim design that islight and portable and whenever anything.

Can you get caught up with the current time updating processes in the technical industry? Do you think that utilise all of the modern applications and know- how? If yes, you are able to feel completely happy you’re a contemporary person, if not, then possibly, you simply will not disappear but the life, in particular such a thing as connection would be much quieter and also modern age will pass you too quickly. E . g ., are you aware what one of the most main components is amongst all the modern tools from the choices of computer systems, laptops, cellphones, Ipods etc? The most important thing to do in our fashionable community is the overall velocity and measure of information available to us. So you what exactly do you require for these two things to maintain up with the “joneses? You basically need to obtain really quick process communications and get a volume of memory space to analyze, sort it and arrange all that you enter into data files that you grasp.

In past times you may use a vintage laptop or PC with tiny amount of storage space and low- resolution of a screen. It was before plenty enough for everyone and for the procedures you needed. Although that was then and this also is actually and in fact is high time for getting a brand-new laptop computer fitting you! You deserve a new, extremely fast, super running, inbuilt Wi Fi and altogether a pretty good laptop computer! You merit it with a large big hard disc drive stock for memory space, great processor velocity, comfortable key-board and for the girlies a adorable and sweet design and style! Then and mostly then can say that you are currently up with the days. I am able to tell that in these modern times it’s not so much just a benefit making use of a extremely good and efficient laptop, I see more of essential. It is the matter that will assist you get to the entire broad worldwide and contact every body and be in control of your own success and interaction. I at the moment think that it is now ever persons best friend as its there when you be required it together with the necessary data files and contacts and data that you may need for everyday living person needs it. Almost everything is saved in a laptop or computer: working documents, taken pictures from holiday seasons, audio/video files… It can be a colossal, big archives all of your files and every item that you might want really need and get in your life. Approximately half of your life is made up in electronic variant.

Therefore when starting out on this most recent prospect, a very first and classical question happens. So where and how do I purchase a fine labeled laptop computer? You have to think about what you dream about as the qualitative laptop from the many name branded business- manufacturers.So conduct detailed excellent exploration of all internet based businesses; consult friends and family, colleagues and i think hard about that consequently you will find a great laptop computer for your demands. Among the key components is definitely the price. I want to catch your attention directly to that. You are required to consider whether you need a less expensive or qualitative laptop. If you wish to use one for a long time of time you will need excellent quality. There is a saying, think hard spend once!

What added bonus do you gain spending somewhat more, extended guarantee it is possible or rugged attributes, it is of course your decision as you will need to work with your laptop in the most comfortable manner and known only to you what that can be. How we find out online businesses providing their products? Just type trade in laptop into Google and you receive a million of search results. What precisely will you do with the used laptop computer? Oh yea, there is a great outcome as they could be recycled and you may possibly earn money from this. Trade in laptop is the greatest and most convenient route to finding any laptop around the neighborhood electronic shop or across the world virtual store.

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How To Determin Your Lcd Screen Size 

When a notebook LCD screen is damaged by some other things, a new notebook LCD screen is needed. While this kind of LCD screen is a little expensive, it is necessary to pay more attention to it when you are buying it.

You need to know all the needed information of your notebook LCD screen. One of the indispensable information is the size of your notebook LCD screen. There are many different screen sizes. It can range from 7-inch to 18.4-inch. Many people may wonder how to measure the notebook LCD screen. The following is the advice.

First, put the zero point of your tape measure at the top left corner of the notebook LCD screen, and measure diagonally down to the bottom right corner. Then you can get a specific size of the notebook LCD screen and remember to write it down. This size is the exact notebook LCD screen size. In the process, please make sure the size is only measured the LCD screen and not included the area surrounding the LCD screen.

If the size you get is as 15.4-inch, 13.3-inch, or 14.1-inch, with which you may find a screen on some websites, you get it.

When you find a notebook LCD screen on the Internet, please check all the information including the notebook LCD screen size carefully and make sure the item you find is compatible for your notebook. If the size is different, it can’t be installed on your notebook and can’t work. So please pay more attention to check the information of the item you find on websites with your notebook and your original old notebook LCD screen.

Only all the information is the same to or compatible with the one you have, you can buy the item and it will work well with your notebook.

You know you will lose your heart, if your 12.1 inch laptop is stolen. Notebook computers are very valuable assets of the organization, because they contain many of the important documents that the company, and may contain sensitive business information must be protected at all times.

When a 12.1 inch laptop is lost or stolen, it is not only a computer is stolen or lost, it is all the information stored. Laptop security is important, it is a laptop and enterprise information is not seen / or unauthorized to use. A notebook computer is a great work tool, because it is so light. You can access the laptop at any time you want, if you have authorization, you can connect it to the company’s computer network remote storage of information.One of the most popular designs is the clam shell model. You can unzip the two compartments of this model.

And shortcomings of laptop computers is that they can store business information will not usually leave the office and the limitations of large computer networks. Therefore, guidelines for laptop security are important within the scope of the enterprise. You should make sure you only in your notebook computer files and other information, you definitely need to do your work, but you are not connected to the corporate computer network… More info about laptop security at:

Make sure you do not load the information is highly sensitive or sensitive, unless you have the authority to do so. If you are not in the habit of regularly backing up your notebook computer’s files, you risk losing your documents and other valuable information risk, if your computer crashes or stolen. The best way is to backup your files to transfer them to a network folder when you connect to the company’s computer network. Focus on your laptop at all times is very important, when you’re in a coffee shop, restaurants, hotels, etc., which are popular destinations for opportunist theft of mobile phones, wallets, handbags, of course, laptops. Just take a little time to divert attention while it was moved to steal from you. The best way to deal with this type of theft, is your laptop on the ground leg, so that you can feel its weight, if you have a long-term engaged in belt, a belt or by carrying your feet. So you will know that if someone tries to use it.

Whenever you travel, whether walking, driving or using some form of public transport, your laptop can easily be stolen or lost. It can be very simple, when you take into account other things, accidentally left behind when you get off the bus or taxi out of your laptop.

If You Have A Slow Windows Laptop You Can Fix It Quickly By Yourself

If you have a sluggish working computer, are aware that you are not alone with this. Generally individuals will try to relieve this trouble by enhancing their internal memory, or possibly changing their slow windows laptop for a new one.

While these are both valid answers, they can be rather pricey. Believe it or not, you can actually speed up your slow laptop without the price tag of a memory upgrade or a new computer.

Stated below are some of the most general causes your laptop is acting slow along with what you can carry out to repair these setbacks. Let’s make your slow windows laptop fast again.

You could have too many computer applications installed, which compromises the speed of your memory. Such an issue transpires more frequently than you realize, furthermore can seem to pass on a temporary basis when you restart your system since restarting frees some memory from your PC.

Even software, games and programs that you’ve deleted will typically leave behind traces of code and entries in your registry that are no longer applicable. These scraps slow down your laptop.

You could have adware or something worse on your computer as a consequence it is making your PC hang or making you get those exasperating pop ups.

This is a way you can get your computer to work faster. Exercise these step-by-step directions.

Remove the programs you no longer use, which will give you more hard disk space along with some extra memory too. However, this will not be enough to effectively assist, so carry on to the following stage.

Conduct a registry scan using software that you can get easily online. These applications will warn you to any malicious applications in your computer’s registry, specify any unwanted entries for applications that have been eliminated, as well as detect any registry errors that might block your computer from operating. With a click of your mouse you can compact your registry then speed up yourslow windows laptop and make it run like new again.

Sony Laptops are an established Brand in India offering the latest technology Laptops and notebooks loaded with great features and affordable prices. Sony Laptops are known for their sleek looks, great designs, amazing colors and great features. Sony was started in 1946 in Tokyo. Since then Sony has come a long way, it has become a leading manufacturer for consumer and electronic products. Sony Laptops has established its name by manufacturing high quality and innovative products.

Sony Vaio provide high end audio/video technology with exclusive features and software’s, making them ideal for photo editing, recording, recording music, and for other multimedia usage. Sony now manufacturers products across different product categories, like Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Flat TVs, LCD TVs, MP3 and MP4 Players, Digital SLR, CD Writers, Camera Bags, DVD ROM, DVD Writers, Headphones, Tripods, Home Theater and many more. Sony Vaio’s are fast machines wit cutting edge technologies with stylish build quality.

Sony Laptops offer great features like graphics solutions, high definition audio speakers, integrated webcam and microphone for easy chatting. It also offers connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Ports and memory cards.

Some of the popular models by Sony Laptops are VPCCW23EN/BU; this Sony Laptop supports the latest Intel core i3 2.13 GHz processor, with 320 GB Hard drive for all your files, folders, images, music and videos. This Sony Laptop supports 3GB RAM Size, Intel High Definition Audio stereo speakers, integrated webcam and microphone for easy chatting. It also offers connectivity options through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3 USB Ports.

This Sony Laptop offers Windows 7 Home Basic Operating System. This Sony Laptop supports a matte black finish ideally suited for business and office users. This Sony Laptops offers real wide display, powerful graphics for a 3D Gaming and dynamic video experience.

The Sony VAIO VGN-NW23NE/B laptop is powered with an Intel 2.1 GHz Core2 Duo Processor, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, DVD writer, 15.5 inch display, an integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M video card, Intel High Definition Audio sound card and WiFi. This Sony Vaio Laptop supports a sleek design; it is a slim notebook with a black finish and is equipped with great features like one touch quick web access and music playback.

Learn How To Take Care Of Your Sony Notebook Battery

Notebook Battery packs are becoming much more popular as many executives are now were to go along with the notebooks in place of their secretaries. While yours notebook is not attached with the major power source, in that situation the li-ion batteries of your notebook turn into energy source thus it is to be chosen with utmost attention.

Before selecting your laptop battery pack, think properly regarding the demand of your notebook when you are away from a main power supply source. Like all batteries, notebook power pack made of different kinds of models and of different capacities; A notebook battery pack do not constitute the power of the li-ion rechargeable battery. Every time get your li-ion batteries from the reliable resources. PC shops & some electronic shops are good locations to purchase the exchange li-ion rechargeable batteries. Even different batteries may be utilized with the notebooks. So you must make sure that you’ve seen and taken in to regard procedures which had been involved with your notebook.

Your notebook battery may last any capacity in-between 3-12 hours. The more compound tasks you are performing with your notebook affect the life of the li-ion rechargeable battery. The notebook li-ion rechargeable battery become chargeable again. Therefore, you must make reliable your notebook battery like Sony VGP-BPS2A completely charge earlier to start using first time.

Doing more than one task in the notebook raises the utilization of the hard disk and central processing unit which utilizes so much battery power. Doing different trails we have constituted that notebook provides best performance by maintaining not more than one task in stead of using many applications at same time therefore you are necessary to close all the applications/tasks and even if the simple task also. Shut off current task for performing fresh task. If running several tasks at the same time, CPU will spend more battery power. Dynamical usage of several tasks needs to hit ROM on which utilizes the battery power too. Therefore executing one application reduces usage of CPU and Hard disk which gives the best action of the notebook.

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Best 5 Free Desktop Recorder – Screen Casting Software For Windows 8 

Generally we will record videos for capturing memorable moments in our life. Similarly people want to capture screen moments via screen casting software’s which are available in the market.

There are many software’s which can record the video which are taking place on the screen. Some are not for free and some of them are open source software’s.

We generally use these software’s for making tutorials or similar videos. Even bloggers make these type of videos and use it for monetize purpose.

Now here i am going to list the top 5 screen recording software’s available in the market.

Jing is a famous screen capture software which is available for free. I use Jing software for taking screenshots of my desktops or browsers. Its the best software application which can be used as both screen casting software and also photo capture software.

Also Jing provides a free service to upload the recorded video to their server. By that you can share that video to the rest of the world.

Many top company likes Themefuse are using this software in recording the desktop screen movements. They use it for tutorial purpose.

MEC4 Software is a product of microsoft company. This software provides live broadcasting of our videos online. But in the free version this option is not available. In the free version you can only use the audio/video encoding feature and record your videos.

These recorded files are having a format known as Xesc file format.

These format files are not recognized by other websites like youtube, facebook and etc. So to upload the recorded video there is a technique to change the format of the file. I have kept a link below this paragraph. That is a blog post by which you can learn how to change the format of .xesc format files.

Ezvid is the name of the video recording software. This is one of the famous and most used software for screen casting. People use this because this software provides many features.

Some of the features on Ezvid are as follows :

These are the awesome features provided for their users at absolutely at zero cost. So i recommend people to use this software. But there is a time limit to record video.

This is a product of Sketchman studio. This was having a latest update on Feb 13th 2014. It is a nice decent software for people who wants a free screen recording software for their desktop. Its a freeware available on internet on various websites. This is having good reviews. Most of the users who used this software gave a 3 rating on a scale of 5.

That means it is a average software application which can be used by any person. They dont require much tech skills on using this software.

It is famous for its Lossless compression feature. It records at a speed of 312 kbps .When it is compared with other software’s this provides best video quality. It is the second top software which provides this software. First comes techsmith software then comes screenpressor.

But Techsmith software’s are not free version. So thats the reason i suggest people to use this software for making webinar and video conferencing.

I hope you liked the subject on this article. Since most of my friends were asking about this softwares. I thought i will post a article regarding this softwares.

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3 Key Areas to Focus on When Cleaning Up Your Data 

Companies depend upon high-quality data in order to boost their marketing campaigns, company image and profitability. However, all too often the quality of their data is far too low. Effective data management is therefore a key process in allowing companies to make the most of their data, and there are various ways that they can go about this. Here are three key tips for better data management.

Having the correct names on customer records is incredibly important, but many companies often do not pay enough attention to ensuring that they have the correct names in place. Not only should they have the correct names for their contacts, but they should also ensure that the names are split up into separate components such as forename, surname and title.

Getting the name wrong on correspondence affects the usability and the responsiveness of the data. It makes customers feel alienated when they see their name spelt wrong, or receive information with the wrong name completely or no name at all. Making sure that all of the names are correct is a key part of effective data management, and this is also true for gender. Getting the gender of the contact wrong can really hurt your company image.

By making simple corrections to the names and genders of customers in the company database, you could significantly improve your response rates when you send out marketing materials. You could be wasting large sums of money trying to increase response rates in other ways when responses will remain low because you have failed to ensure that the names of the contacts are correct.

If your data contains the wrong addresses for your contacts, this can mean that your marketing communications don’t even reach your targets. You may have contacts in your system with both national and international addresses, and international addresses can be particularly problematic as often information can be forced into data formats that are not appropriate.

By making sure you have the correct addresses and that they are all in the correct format, you can greatly reduce the amount of money wasted on sending marketing communications that never reach their intended targets.

Most databases contain duplicates, and these should be eradicated from your system to improve the quality of your data. This can be a very difficult process for complex data and can take a lot of time and resources. However, there are companies that specialise in such data cleansing using tools that make the process a lot quicker and more effective, so you may want to consider hiring one.

These are a few ways in that you can start to practice better data management, no matter how large or complex your data records. However, often it is not possible to carry out large data management processes yourself, and you may therefore need to contact a data management and data marketing specialist who will use a range of tools to improve the accuracy of your data.

Improving your data and managing your records carefully can have enormous benefits for your company, so if you have not cleaned up your data in a while, make this a priority.

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Key to an Expert Operating System Support Service 

Along with technical support service and product offerings, a technical support group views customer support equally as a key differentiator. A technical support service provider provides technical support in almost all technical categories, whether related to software or hardware. Although major PC, Laptop and other computer peripheral providers offer technical support for glitches regarding their product, but in many cases (like where a PC is assembled from different manufacturer’s devices, or if the system devices have run out of their guarantee periods), people prefer to attain services from third-party technical service providers. A good technical support service provider prides on delivering on promises and being a vendor that the customers want to do business with. A good technical support has the core qualities that sets it apart from the competition and demonstrates its commitment to the customers – one that endures long after the sale has been made.

In all the technical categories, that a technical support renders its services for, Operating System support holds a high significance. Effective performance of all the programs, software and various peripherals of a computer depends on the function of the Operating Support. So, a consumer wants that his Operating System always functions to the highest level. And that requires a good maintenance along the line for long-lasting effective use of Operating System, A good technical support always delivers on these accounts. There are three elements an operating system support Service should possess:

  • The support personnel are 100% in-sourced and achieve a higher first contact person resolution rate and customer satisfaction rate.
  • It should personalize the support the customers receive – you’ll meet your support person via telephone so you know who you’ll be working with.
  • The innovative technology behind support process enables to manage multi-channel customer contact with total cross-functional visibility and response management.

 The support staff must be out-sourced with professional services teams providing 7×24 multi-tier technical supports. Having all of support employees in-house provides significant advantages including:

  • Tight integration with R&D, which fosters group collaboration, accelerates on-the-job training, and enables to solve problems in real-time.
  • Low attrition rates are achieved by recognizing and investing in support staff and making the more skilled and expertise.
  • Support and engineering should meet customer’s demand for faster results – no need to wait through different tiers of escalation as with other vendors.

A good Operating system support service provider assigns a regional management sponsor to various geographies and regions around the service region. This greatly reduces the time to resolve issues. This also fosters long lasting customer and partner relationships – the support personnel are viewed as trusted advisors. The support service company should make it a top priority to recognize the importance of responding to customers promptly with the correct answers the first time, coupled with innovative best practices. This helps in improving service quality by increasing first day resolution and decreasing the average time a case remains open. With impressive results like these, it is no wonder that a technical support caters to best effective resolutions of the issues.

Operating system support is industry-oriented and needs superior technical support which takes the right mix of people, process, tools, and culture. However, the keys are the expertise at the professional help. A consumer who has worked with different technical support services can tell the main difference between the companies gauging their approach to customer service. A good technical support service executive should help the customer solve the problem first and then figure out whose fault it is later. It’s about doing the right thing for the customers.

The benefits of a good technical system support are:

  • Support service for supportability.
  • Early and extensive product troubleshooting.

Support should be a key differentiator when selecting a vendor. As products are being developed, during the prototyping and early pilot development lifecycle, good technical support service providers are actively engaged with design and system quality.

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