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What Are The Best Five Methods To Monetize Your Mobile App? 

Do you know that 2.8-million applications exist in the play store? All of these applications have unique features, identification, and authenticity that sets them apart from their competitors. While some applications are under the initiation process, other apps have reached the brink of their success. Statistics show the development of more than 6-thousand apps every day, and the percentage of monetized apps ranges to more than 25%.

What is app monetization? App monetization is a way for the app developer to generate income. Earlier, you had to pay for the applications to download. Now, you get free access to more than 90% of the apps in the market. So how does an app developer generate money? It is how several ways of monetization come in use. For this, you need to strategize the usage of apps and create smart techniques that will lead you to gather revenue without hindering the reach of your application.

What do you mean by a monetization strategy?

A monetization strategy refers to a way you can turn your idea into a business. As per the recent market surge, one fact is clear, that is, the reach of a free application is 100-times higher as compared to paid apps. But for a developer, it is a loss. They have spent hours and months and years over an application, they have spent their money, they have given their entire work to this application, and are getting nothing in return. So how should he make-up for this loss? They need to strategize or think of ways to make money out of it.

What are the five ways of monetizing an application?

We have selected some of the best methods that you can apply to monetize your application:

  • The free plus paid app version model

this is one of …

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10 Key Steps That Can Turn Your Mobile App Idea Into Reality! 

You may have spent months now just to design and introduce your first mobile application in the market. It takes great strength and patience to create an application that is sustainable for use by users worldwide. But what makes an application great? From the ultimate design to the features, developers must think through it all. Therefore, when you sit down to create an application; you should know the processes that will help your idea turn into reality.

Companies and startups are always looking for fresh application designers who can uplift the competitive space. You can aspire to make your own app one day, only with sheer determination and hard work. So what are the steps that should be followed? Read more to find out!

Main ideas that lead to successful application development:

Developing applications isn’t an easy task. You must analyze the current trends in the market, realize the things you are good at and also think of the features that you want to incorporate. Moreover, the process of creating an application is a short race that you must finish before others. The main idea to focus on application clarity and quality and how effective is its use.

On this note, some of the key tips that will definitely turn your application ideas to reality are as follows:

  1. Know the customer preferences

Knowing what your audience wants is the first step that will guide you through your journey of creating the best application. Customer requirements are constantly changing. With rising dilemmas in the personal and professional sphere, simplifying life starts with an application itself. Therefore, the app should adhere to making life easier. You must record the response of individuals to know the type of app that will be successful.

  1. The features

The guide to turning your app idea to …

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