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The 7 Companies Successfully Competing with Instagram 

Instagram has become one of the most popular sites on the internet and is one of the most downloaded apps on both the google play store and the app store. When Instagram was developed back in 2010 it was a whole new kind of social media experience as it is completely based around sharing photos instead of words. The first-ever photo that was posted on Instagram was posted by the developer Kevin Systrom and it was a photograph of a stray dog near a taco stand in Mexico. There are over a billion registered Instagram accounts making it one of the most used apps, it’s used for a whole variety of purposes. People use Instagram to post photos of what is going on in their lives from birthday parties to baby showers, but small businesses also use Instagram to market themselves and their products and due to the app’s popularity, there has become a whole new type of job – the influencer. There are individuals who have lots of followers on Instagram and they have become known as influencers. Influencers usually get asked by companies to promote their products to their followers as it helps the company to reach a large number of people, if you’d want to be an influencer but you don’t have a high enough follower count then you can Instagram follower kaufen to make your account stand out more to potential partners. Instagram is highly successful but it also has several competitors, if you’re interested in who is competing with Instagram then we’ve found out who its 7 biggest competitors are. 


Twitter is Instagram’s main competitor. Twitter is another social media site that was developed back in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and it was he who sent the first-ever tweet back on the 21st March 2006. Twitter is based around sending short tweets that are capped at 140 characters, it is seen as a form of microblogging, users follow other accounts and whoever you follow on Twitter, you will see their tweets on your timeline. Everyone’s Twitter is always personal to them, if you’re interested in politics then you’ll be able to follow the accounts of people who tweet about politics, if you’re interested in football, you’ll follow the accounts of those who tweet about football, this makes your Twitter customized to you making it an enjoyable experience. Over 500 million people have sent a tweet making this a very popular social media site and surprisingly to some people, the individual with the most followers on Twitter is the former President, Barack Obama.  


Snapchat is other popular social media, over 70% of Snapchat users are under the age of 24 which means that in this area in particular they are successful in competing with Instagram. The app was launched in 2011 and in the last decade, it has attracted over 200 million users. Snapchat is mainly used for messaging but it is loved as there is a normal chat function as well as a popular photo function and on top of this it also has a story function, they actually added the story function to their app before Instagram did. 


TikTok is one of the latest companies to be founded that is competing with Instagram as it was only developed back in 2016. This is another app that is mainly used by the younger generation, TikTok is preferred by most people than Instagram which means that Instagram is losing users. It is an app that allows you to post videos that you’ve made and you can follow other users to watch their videos too. 


Pinterest was launched back in 2010 and although it isn’t as popular as apps such as Snapchat, it is still successfully competing with Instagram. Pinterest is an image-sharing website, so it is similar to Instagram. Pinterest has some better functions than Instagram like being able to pin anything you like to various boards so it is all in one place. 


WhatsApp was developed back in 2009, it was popular at the time and has continued to grow in popularity over the last 12 years. It is a free-to-use app and thanks to the great features on it like being able to send voice notes, host video chats, and send messages it has become the most popular texting apps. This is taking users who would have used Instagram’s chat function so is a big competitor for Instagram.  


Vine is mainly used for posting short videos which is very similar to Instagram so it splits the user’s time between the two companies making Vine one of Instagram’s biggest competitors. 


This is Instagram’s biggest competitor as it shares all the favorite functions of Instagram, for example, posting photos, advertising, and messaging, and it is more popular than Instagram among older people.  

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How do Contractors make their Money 

In order to get more money as a contractor, it may be best to contact a client directly. You will probably not get much more money from them than if you had gone through an agency, but it gives you the opportunity to do much more business with them in the future, which agency contracts usually preclude you from doing. This is a great way to get extra money, especially if you have your own business. More often than not, having your own business will provide you with more income than with an agency, as all of the profit will go to you. Although you may have your own business with employees to pay, you will still be making more through this than with through a company. Advertising is a great way to get potential clients to notice your business, you may wish to post a headline on social media such as Waterbury roofing contractor near you, which may be directly targeted to them in their area. Networking is a great way to put your business out there and receive more clients.

If you have a degree in business or contracting, you may be at a higher chance of being in demand. If you are more skilled within your trade and have notable credit, more people are likely to hire you due to your skill and recognition. This is a great way to make money and promote your business. It is important to remember that you may want to have a business that is diverse within the industry, and your team should have different qualities that are industry-specific. It may also be useful to have great skills in different areas of construction so that you could be hired by different people with different requirements for the job.

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How Religious Holidays Become so Profitable 

There has been a huge shift in recent years with religious holidays becoming much more of a commercialized event, with tradition playing less of a part in these holidays than they used to. I will be looking at many different holidays that originate from sources of religion and how they are considered within modern society. Nowadays old religious traditions have been left behind for holiday events that are filled with gifts of monetary value instead of having proper thought and meaning behind them. I will also be considering how our consumerist society has influenced how people perceive religious holidays and how they use the holidays for their own gain and to make a decent profit.



Christmas is considered by many to be one of the most commercial religious holidays out of them all, with a  strong religious background and story it is surprising that so many of us all over the world do not consider Christmas a religious holiday. In the past Christmas was a time for Christians to celebrate the story of Jesus’ birth and going to church was a huge part of the celebration. Nowadays Christmas is very different with many retail outlets taking advantage of the festive season to generate profit, Christmas is widely considered to be a time for giving and receiving presents and unfortunately, the original Christian story is declining in terms of being referenced during the festive period. The shops always come out with Christmas merchandise and decorations that focus on the idea of Father Christmas and getting presents which has encouraged the growth of the idea of a commercialized Christmas.


This religious holiday would have to be one of the most profitable on this list with retailers preparing for the season months in advance as they are set to make some serious money with everyone shopping for presents.



Ramadan is one of the most important months in Islamic culture where strict fasting and praying is conducted in order for Muslims to feel closer to God. This celebration has not seen a smooch of a decline in tradition in comparison to Christmas but it could be argued that even this holiday is not what it once was. Ranmadam is an opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones as you take part in this highly valued holiday, however, it seems that many people are more concerned with buying ramadan geschenke fur kinder, which could suggest that this holiday has also seen a change towards a more profit-orientated holiday.



Thanksgiving is an American holiday that was originally celebrated to give thanks for the good harvest, Thanksgiving is a holiday that has seen the least change with American families taking the time to spend time with loved ones and appreciate the delicious food that they have access to. This holiday however has become more profitable with supermarkets stocking up on novelty Thanksgiving stock and food products with the sole purpose of making a profit. When it comes to Thanksgiving you could argue that it is the retailers who have changed this holiday into something to make a profit from rather than those who are celebrating it.



This Muslim holiday is in recognition of the effort that was used to fast and abide by a strict praying regime, in order to become closer to God Muslims take part in Ramadan which ends with a huge celebration on Eid. This holiday should be taken seriously and is usually a time to feel proud of what you have achieved when fasting. Nowadays this holiday has changed to become a time that is orientated around giving and receiving gifts and celebrations when it is not actually deserved.



The final holiday on this list that has become very profitable would have to be Hanukkah, this Jewish holiday is normally celebrated with time spent with loved ones, eating good food, and coming together to light candles in commemoration. This has since changed with many people avoiding the religious sentiment and focusing on materialistic aspects of the holiday such as gift-giving and putting on large events. This is not the traditional way to celebrate this event and tradition states that Hanukkah is a time for reflection with family.

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Few Most Important Job Roles Likely to Create by Technology in 2020 and Beyond 

A decade ago, it was difficult to accept for people when you say them that you are a driver-less car engineer, data scientists or drone operator. It is because no such businesses were in existence a decade ago. But today these are the terms which are not alien to people and by 2030 you will see automation to hit the midpoint with over 16% of businesses becoming fully automated. There will also be a dislocation and impact because of the emerging technologies.

Brain computer interfaces, spatial computing, AI technology and more are likely to substitute manual labour. But it can’t be considered as the end of human jobs as there are several futuristic jobs that are likely to create because of these technologies.

Hologram Designer

Hologram Designer or Expert is the job that does exist today and likely to increase in demand in coming years. It is the best technology job for those who enjoy creating beautiful and attractive scenes in spatial computing. There is great demand of experienced of hologram designers who are expert in designing holograms using 3 dimensions. The specialists will deal with clients to understand their needs and test and confirm garments that interpret to augmented or virtual reality.

The hologram designers must have degree in Fashion Technology, computer science engineering or equivalent experience in designing clothing and accessories using virtual reality

Digital Couture Designer

It is another interesting job that is likely to be in demand due to emerging technologies in 2020. The job role of the designer involves creating creative and pioneering virtual couture. The job role is for someone who enjoys designing new dresses and creating fashion, while working as a team to create digital fashion designs and beautiful tailoring.

From design ideas to prototype virtual couture, the designer will work with the technology companies and fashion brands to create the required virtual couture that meet the specific demands of the clients. They will also be responsible for creating groundbreaking digital ideas and solutions according to varied platforms, devices and contexts.

Autonomous Car Licensed Specialist

Even if you are not driving the autonomous car, it is important to have a special licence for it. As per the set guidelines of Society of Automotive Engineers, almost all the autonomous buses that are in operation today are termed as level 3 autonomous systems and this indicates that a driver is needed for its operation. In some states, no license is needed for the driver-less cars, while some may need one.

Currently, there are 5 different levels of autonomous vehicles before it gets to completely driver-less autonomous cars. Until you reach the level 5 autonomous car, special license is needed to run that autonomous car. The autonomous car operator must have proven track record with autonomous vehicle and they must be passionate about AI technology in vehicles, and building a safe environment for future transportation.

Augmented Reality Life Designer

It is another popular job role which is likely to be in great demand by 2030. The person working as the AR Life Designer would be responsible for working with individual clients so as to understand their specific needs and design augmented reality life of choices for them. The designer is required to be people oriented and must have skills and years of experience in social media and augmented reality applications.

The job role of the designer involves connecting clients to fashions, brands, events as per their lifestyle choices and evaluating their needs on regular basis. Plus, they must be focused on new findings and explore unique AR experiences to help the clients stay ahead and apart from the crowd.

B2R2C Marketing Manager

The transaction types in virtual businesses are rapidly changing and new managerial job roles are being created due to the latest technologies. B2R2C or Business to Robot to Consumer is the type of job that is likely to alter the market when it comes to reaching customers. It is the new job role which is likely to chance the entire concept of marketing as it is upgrading to voice assistants, drones, AI technology and digital avatars which are becoming the new gatekeepers between consumers and brands.

Now B2R2C marketing managers are likely to reach their consumers via robots and they will carry out this by cultivating relationships with those robot gatekeepers. In this context, the voice assistant robots would become quite crucial than ever before. The role of the marketing manager is to deal the latest frontier of target markets, the robots. The manager must have in-depth understanding about different marketing technologies and reaching the new heights in market.

Personal Brain Trainer

It is another job role that is likely to be created by latest technologies like brain computer interfaces. The personal brain trainer job role involves helping the people with unique brain challenges and disabilities to learn new things and use the brain computer interfaces to help those people lead a desired lifestyle. The trainer is required to find out the best brain computer interfaces depending upon the needs of the clients and train the clients to master the selected brain computer interfaces.

Chief Empathy Officer

Virtual Reality or VR technology is the Spatial Computing and it comes with some amazing power to place a person in other’s shoes. Because of these supernatural powers of VR technology, it is referred as empathy machine. Today, many industries and companies are adapting the spatial computing and computing avatars are going to work with robots and people in different way which you have never imagined ever before. The Chief Empathy Officers will be in charge of those avatars and they would help customers and employees to navigate new landscapes in digitally evolving world.

The job role of Chief Empathy Officer involves building a culture of listening and understanding and work with executive leadership to multiply the potential of empathy within the organization and also messaging it to the brands and customers efficiently.

These were some of the futuristic jobs that you are likely to see on job portals in 2020.

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Here Are The 8 Tips To Enhance Your Brand Reputation With Technology 

Brand reputation plays a major role in your business. A good brand reputation could make you earn huge profits, but a bad brand reputation could make you slip into losses. Not paying much attention to it can make you suffer in the longer run. To stand out from the crowd and to always stay one step ahead of your rivals, a good brand reputation is a major key in doing so.

But before that, you must know what brand reputation means and what kind of impact does it has on your business?

Brand reputation-

Your brand reputation could be defined as other people’s perceptions and views regarding your products and services or what is your companies’ reputation in the market. While a favorable brand reputation has many benefits to reap, an unfavorable one can make your consumers to distrust your company or product. As consumers are considered as the king of the business, it becomes necessary for you to develop and maintain a better and consistent brand reputation.

  • A favorable brand reputation builds your customer’s trust and tells you that your customers take pride in buying your product and services. It enhances your customer’s loyalty towards your product, which ultimately helps you in maintaining your current sales as well as helps you in getting new customers.
  • If you have a good brand reputation, it opens the door for you to survive in the market by leaving behind your rivals and other competitors.
  • Your customers play a major role in your business. So, if you keep your customers satisfied and happy, they will refer your products and services in their social circles as well. And this chain will open manifold opportunities for you.
  • A good brand reputation helps in the expansion of your business by making it easier to open more branches of your company or enterprise. It increases the confidence of the management in your company, which ultimately leads to more productivity.
  • A Stronger brand reputation decreases the employee turnover rate, which is quite for your company. It will reduce the expenses of training new employees and also it will make your old employees stay in the company and work on its growth.
  • It also acts as feedback from your customers, which you can change by taking necessary steps if it is a bad one and maintain it if it is good, or you can work to make it better as well.

As you can see, how brand reputation plays a significant role in the success of your organization. Over the past few years, technology has become a crucial part of everyone’s life. And it has also changed the perception of people regarding various brands. Earlier, people only get to experience a brand by visiting it in person, but now technology has brought tremendous changes to it. Now people can make a perception regarding your brand without even personally experiencing it even for once. Now, every minute detail is available to you at your fingertips through your mobile technologies, which is indispensable for you to use these technologies into your favor and not let them become a headache for you. So, here are a few ways by which you can enhance your brand reputation with the use of technology-

  1. Brand monitoring

Try to keep a watch on your brand by using the latest technological device. This will you in understanding your customers well and then try hitting the target audience of your product or service. It will open ways for two-way conversations, unlike the previous time when only way conservation existed. By keeping a regular check of your brand through online modes, you will be able to solve the queries of your customers.

  1. Usage of mobile technology

Investing in good mobile technologies can works wonder of your business as well as your brand. This will help in promoting a happy and satisfied workforce, which will ultimately increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. And this will end up creating a stronger and better brand reputation.

  1. Using content marketing

Trying content marketing for your business will increase your customer’s confidence in your company. You can change their old perceptions regarding your company through content marketing. Doing regular blogging of your product or services brings tremendous benefits to you.

  1. Productivity apps

Using productivity apps for your business increases the chances of earning profit as well as help in cost-cutting.

  1. Try experimenting

Doing some experiments with your brand could be risky, but taking risks is part of the business. Organizing an experimental stunt can draw your consumer’s attention towards your company. Like you can organize any quiz or something like that, increase the traffic hike at your site.

  1. Make use of videos

This might sound a bit strange, but people tend to remember more what they as compared to what they hear or read. Using visuals for your brand promotion could be a better idea, as it draws everyone’s attention, and it is also more engaging than texts. Video marketing is quite popular in today’s generation. And it is very easy to make a good quality video for your brand by making use of the latest technology.

  1. Create a website for your company

As now everybody has a smartphone creating a website for your company will increase your reach. As your website will be the face of your company online, it is necessary to pay attention to how great and well-managed it looks. Having a good website will improve your user interface. Also, try optimizing your websites for mobiles.

  1. Having online customer feedback

considering your customer’s feedback is the sign of a good business and a key factor in creating a better brand reputation. Try taking your customer’s feedback through online modes as it will not cause any trouble to them and will also help you in getting to know your drawbacks.

In this fast-changing era, if you do not cope up with the changes, then you will be left far behind. Nowadays, there is no place for organizations that underperform. So if you want to excel, then you must try to build a strong and better brand reputation.

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Know The 5 Technology Tips For Entrepreneurs 

Few people confuse the idea of being businessmen are and being an entrepreneur. They assume it to be the same thing. But, no, they are not. An entrepreneur is a person who sees a problem in the society and tries to find their solution. He embraces the risk with the motive of earning profit in the enterprise created by him for the development of society. Their business idea is usually a new product or service which contributes to the welfare of the society along with their growth as well. They keep themselves prepared well for any unforeseen situation. They invest in new and innovative ideas that could solve the major problems of society and help in easing people’s lives.

While businesspeople are someone who runs an old business, i.e., invests in an already existing product or an idea. They do not generate any new ideas, and neither do they solve any existing problem of society. They avoid taking risks as much as possible; their only focus is on earning profits.

What makes Entrepreneurship, a celebrated occupation?

Entrepreneurship is a celebrated profession among a lot of people as along with its tedious or cumbersome work; it comes with huge growth opportunities. For people with innovative ideas and who like to challenge themselves, entrepreneurship is a good option for them or probably the best suitable option. Here are a few reasons why this occupation is so popular among today’s generation:

  • The first and foremost reason could be growth opportunities. It brings with itself, which are many. In this profession growth is only in your hand, the harder and smarter you work, the more successful you become.
  • No boss, no time restrictions, doesn’t it sound cool. Entrepreneurs are their boss; they don’t need to receive orders from anyone. They can work as per their own choice. It comes with a sense of freedom.
  • Entrepreneurship is a challenging job. So, people who like to challenge themselves and believe in improving themselves every single day. This is an attractive profession.
  • An entrepreneur learns many skills while working in his or her enterprise. As if you have to make your enterprise bloom in this competitive era, you need to master more than one skill at a time.
  • Another reason which makes entrepreneurship a celebrated profession is the rate of unemployment in our country. It might sound bizarre to you, but this is one of the most important reasons. The rate of unemployment in our country compels people to start an enterprise, which will ultimately create employment for them as well as many other people.
  • There are many big problems in our society. Some social entrepreneurs find ideas to curb these social problems.
  • An entrepreneur brings change with themselves. Their big ideas help in bringing a positive change in our society.
  • Entrepreneurs serve back to society. They fulfill their social responsibilities.
  • They add to the national income of the country by generating new wealth in the economy. Also, they aid in curbing poverty in the country, as well.
  • Some people might enter into this field because of their curiosity and ambition. This field helps them to grow constantly and also fulfills their curious nature by giving them the space for performing new experiments and explore as much as they want.

Role of Technology

Today’s competitive world compels you to be more innovative to excel and achieve new heights. Technology being the most dynamic thing and something which is, if used properly, it has the potential to increase your organization’s success too much greater aspect that too promptly. You can enhance your business’s growth by making the optimum utilization of technology. To harness its benefit, you must pay attention to it. If you are wondering how? Then, here are five strategic uses of technology for entrepreneurs to help them in the growth of their enterprise-

  1. Productivity Apps

To run a successful business, you need productive employees. Without whom your organization cannot achieve its desired goals. You can enhance your productivity by making you use productivity apps. Many apps are there that can help you in increasing your productivity and that too free of cost. Increasing your productivity, as well as your employee’s productivity, will help you in reaping greater profits in the future, along with saving a lot of costs.

  1. Make your use of social media

Making use of various social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, youtube, Linkedin, etc. for marketing could be a great idea. These platforms help you in reaching a wide variety of customers and also promote your organization in many ways. These platforms help a lot in gaining new customers. Sometimes you can get funds for your company as well from these sites. Doing digital marketing is much better than traditional methods of advertising. This is much affordable, as well.

  1. Using the right kind of software

Software plays a crucial role in your organization, no matter what kind of organization you run. The kind of software will work wonders for you and will make every work smooth. But this could be vice-versa as well. So, investing in the right kind of software is important. Getting your customized software ready as per your requirements will be a much better approach.

  1. Web-based payments

well, you must be aware of this, but still, making your business payments or receiving your payments through online mode could help you a lot in saving your time as well the various options and the flexibility it provides will not put many stains on you.

  1. Keep a check on your users

technology has enhanced in many ways; there is nothing that you cannot do from them. Various online ways give stats on how engaging and loyal your active users are.

These were the few tips that could give you some aid in the expansion of your organization and can help you survive for a longer period in this competitive era. Trying to make the optimum utilization of technology to never miss out on any opportunity.

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Here Are 7 Effective Tips In Increasing Productivity Using Technology 

Who does not want to have productivity? That is practically the common aim of every single person. All the workplaces are different, and so are the employees. Some keep reshuffling the employees while others try some other tricks to boost productivity. Similarly, individuals keep hunting for ways to boost their productivity with the help of endeavors and resources. However, no matter where one works, to stand out among the fellow people, productivity needs to be boosted. The best way to do the same is by utilizing all the resources present, investing time, equipping oneself with the most useful tools, and many more. However, the universal and most effective tool that can surely depend upon, to elevate the workplace productivity is by utilizing technology.

Ways to improve productivity with the help of technology

Ensure that there is a high-speed, reliable and dedicated internet connection

Imagine you have received a project from the company or even school/college, and you have done it, but the internet connection is making the upload process lag. Not being able to turn in the work time even after completing it before the deadline because of a poor internet connection would turn out to be a bummer and reflect badly on your image as a defaulter.

The marketplace today is very competitive. Hence, having a reliable Internet connection with a high-speed is very crucial for smooth and punctual functioning and productivity. The world we live in is so reliant on the internet that a digital downtime can cost a company around thousands of dollars per minute. Specifically, after the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the workplaces are functioning in work from the home format, and this format completely relies on a good internet connection. One cannot expect to compromise the work and image of the employees, that too, because of an external factor. To be the first and the fastest, one needs to have a reliable internet connection.

Sometimes, external factors like heavy rain, storm, and others can also affect the internet connection. To solve that problem, one can get fixed wireless for a high-speed broadband internet connection and consistent services.

Hunting for internships from home

Technology helps the aspirants in looking for job and internship opportunities. Going to the workplace, visiting several offices just to drop the CV, and without even having a guarantee about being selected. This was how people hunted for jobs, and then technology came to the rescue. Today we can apply for jobs and internships at multiple companies in only a few seconds. The need to travel a long distance and the uncertainty factor has been eliminated. Preparing the resume online is also efficient and user-friendly. Moreover, even after the lockdown, people can take the help of technology and applies for work from home internships available on various platforms to keep themselves productive. One can easily make money and keep oneself engaged with work even during the pandemic.

Online courses

One can look for online courses and gain some knowledge. This is the best way for aspirants and young minds to make use of the technology and add value to their portfolio. Several certified courses can help youngsters to get access to the vast sea of knowledge. In this way, one can be productive and study anytime, anywhere with all the documents and tutorials in their smartphone or other devices.

Utilizing the group chats to get the best out of them

To work from home, one needs to stay connected virtually for better interaction and functioning of the workplace. Similarly, students are also connected with their mentors and faculties virtually so that they can ask queries and clear their doubts on time. Digital platforms help in thorough working, planning for smooth conduct of the tasks. Not only in work from home formats, even in the pre-pandemic situation, but employees were also digitally connected on such messaging platforms because communication among the fellow employees, teamwork, and sharing of ideas is very important for the productivity of the workplace.

This eliminates the need to keep the back, and forth email chains going and talking or sharing some crucial information with all at one time becomes very efficient and easy. It also saves a lot of time, and clearing spontaneous queries even after the work hours becomes possible and user-friendly as calling at odd hours seems a bit unprofessional. In this way, the work and coordination among members can be improved

Using smart sheets

Smartsheets can be used to keep track of assigned tasks, the deadlines, and also track the progress efficiently. Students can use these sheets to maintain their timetable to eliminate any confusion and make changes as per their needs as well. Also, for workplaces, this helps in keeping a record of the performance of all the workers conveniently. One can manage the calendars and give priority deadlines also.

Keeping a digital record also guarantees that one and all are being watched and is answerable, so it is better to stay on task and punctually complete the projects to keep the record clean. This “keeping things in check” factor also boosts the efficiency of all. Technology helps us in streamlining our work and do it smartly and soundly. Working one’s way through papers, hunting for that one keyword or piece of information, and ending up all baffled is very demotivating. However, technology has come with a solution to eliminating this.

Virtual meetings

To improve the efficiency of the workplace, one should not just work on improving productivity, and the work done but also prepare oneself to keep the work going when things go south. This COVID-19 pandemic has reinstated the significance of having a strong and sound work plan and strategies. Those who were dependent on the single traditional work plan and were not prepared to get the work digitalized could not adapt to the technologically sound work from the home format, and their work ultimately suffered. Similarly, the educational institutes got shut down and could not conduct classes and examinations, because they lacked in the technology part.

On the other hand, technologically sound workplaces started coordinating with members, having virtual meetings with video calls, and bringing the work on the digital platforms. Also, some educational institutes switched to online classes mode so that education is not compromised. Having a virtual meeting or a training session with the employees present at remote locations becomes possible, and this helps in better coordination among the workers no matter where they are, at any time and place.


Every coin has two sides. Technology is just the same. On the one hand, technology has so many advantages that one can utilize and make every single passing second productive. On the other hand, technology also offers online games, social media applications, and many other things that can end up becoming addictive, especially for the youth. One should restrict oneself from tapping the addictive side of technology and use it in the right manner.

We live in a world of digitization where technology has done wonders in all the spheres. All of us can work, shop, learn, and do anything and everything efficiently, all thanks to technological advancement. From meeting the basic needs, demands, and even entertaining, the technology aces in every segment. All of us keep scrolling the feed of our social media platforms or playing online games to pass the time. However, one can strategically use the technology to tap its productive side as well.

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Want To Be The Master Of Your Work? Here Are 7 Tech Hacks That’ll Make You Feel Like A Boss 

Sometimes seemingly simple things can take up your whole time. It can happen at your workplace, at your house, while traveling, etc. it just doesn’t come right, which becomes quite frustrating. At these times, you will need magic to make things work, like a strategy, technique, trick, or a small shortcut that will make your life a lot easier. The world has changed a lot because of technology, and if you want to be a master at what you do and get the feeling that you are the boss here are a few simple tricks that can make your productivity a lot better, and make your life a lot easier and get your work done at a faster pace. Though it may seem simple, these hacks can get you a lot of time in your hands:

A few tips that will help you take control of things

With everything becoming online, your computer, laptop, or phone is the best friend you have and to make things easy and efficient; you need to keep your gadget in top shape and make you do your work in much lesser time, you can make use of these tips:

  1. Sometimes after typing a text, you will realize that you need to change the case, for this, you can highlight the phrase and hit shift + F3, this will change your case easily with the first letter capitalized
  2. Sometimes while doing a search you come across a lot of articles, and you will have to read it all to know about the real content, instead of reading the whole article, you can download a chrome extension TLDR, this extension will provide you with the main idea of the article so that you will know if it is useful to you or not.
  3. When working on your laptop or computer you sometimes accidentally delete a tab or browser, to reopen this you need to use ctrl/cmd + shift + T, this will easily reopen your closed browser without going to history in search of it.
  4. Proofreading an article will take a lot of time, so to make it simple, you can paste your article in Google Translate and listen to it. It picks up simple mistakes and errors in typing. So paste the article to Google Translate and make your proofreading fast and simple.
  5. When you have to do an important PowerPoint presentation, a slide show will make it a lot easier; for this, you can save your presentation in.PPF instead of.PPT so that when you open your presentation, it will open up in a slideshow mode.
  6. If you want to scroll up and down a web page, you don’t have to do it the usual way. Instead, hit the spacebar and get to the bottom of the web page, and if you want to scroll up, then you can hit the space bar + shift. This will take you to the top of the web page.
  7. If you are a content writer or have assignments for college, you can use instead of searching in Google .com; you can also find downloadable content by adding PDF to the search.

These seven hacks can make your work a lot easier and can make you feel that you are the boss of your world because you don’t need any one’s help to do things the right way.

You can go through a lot of other tips that will help you do little things more efficiently and easily, a lot of simple things that take your time can be done easily:

  • Sometimes there are troubleshooting issues in your computer
  • 7 just add solved to sieve through the results and get to the genuine problem.
  • Your excel file will take up lots of your space on the computer if you save the excel file as an.XLSB it will shrink the excel file by almost half of its original size.
  • Want to access your browsing history to be cleared, you can access the clearing window by just ctrl+shift + del this will et you to the clear data window faster
  • While doing your search in chrome, you will have to open a lot of tabs and if you want to go to a particular tab, use cmd + 1, 2, 3 to go to the tab you want to be based on their position. This way you can make your search easier when you get to the tab you want
  • If you want to highlight a certain horizontal row, you can do it by hitting shift + spacebar, and if you want to highlight the whole vertical column you can just hit control + space bar
  • Sometimes you need to mark certain phrases on a webpage and share it with your colleagues or friends, you can do this with, this will highlight the lines you want in yellow, and you can share this to anyone you want with a link.

These are the small tips that can go a long way to make what you do easier, save a lot of your time. Our time is very limited, and we have lots of things to do in this limited time, so using small tech hacks can make a lot of difference in saving your time. Not only in your workplace but also in your house, you can do a lot of things faster if you go through simple hacks that will help you do things faster but more efficiently. There are all kinds of hacks on the internet which you can follow in your daily life, give it a try and see how wonderful it will turn out to be.

The bottom line

Tech hacks have become so important in our lives that there are a lot of websites that have a whole lot of hacks that help you with running your life simply and more easily. These are just not ideal, but if you put it into practice, it will help you change your attitude towards life. It’s just like setting up the alarm to make you get up in the morning. So make it a habit to do these simple things and see the difference it makes in your life. With the tech hacks, you can finish your work before the deadline because simple things take up lots of your time, and these hacks will help you save all that time and get your work done in a lot lesser time.

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10 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Education In Today’s World 

In the past decade, technology has become an integral part of education. These days almost all educational centers, including schools, colleges, and universities, are somehow using technology. Whether it is inside of a classroom or for providing assignments, technology has become an indispensable part of the system. So, many people these days are interested in knowing the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education. Though it is through that the incorporation of several different measures, you must go ahead and look into the situation in detail.

The advantages are numerous but here are the most important ones

When it comes to the advantages associated with the introduction of technology into education, the advantages are numerous. They have been dealing with several different issues, but here are the most major ones.

  1. Ease of accessing knowledge

When it comes to access to knowledge, then it has improved several folds with the incorporation of technology. Students these days can access knowledge from any video tutorial or even research papers and journals from age-old time to recent addition. These help students to improve the scope of their knowledge. Learning becomes much easier for the entire audience. This is the most important advantage of the involvement of technology in education.

  1. Saves time

If the students can access these modern technologies, then it saves their time to a huge extent. Like if you want to understand the process of signal transduction, then instead of going through several book chapters, you can find an explanatory video online and then learn the process from it in a very short period. This will help you to understand the entire thing much better and with much less effort.

  1. Cost-efficient process for the majority of the students

These processes are very cost-efficient. These technologies are available for a very cheap rate. In most schools and colleges, there is a separate computer center where you can access the system. This will help you to use your time well, even on campus. Those students who are not privileged enough to have their system can still access these facilities.

  1. Helps students with innovative ideas

When it comes to fields like science and engineering students, have been able to take up several innovative projects from around the world. These help them to develop and learn at a much early stage. Other than that, art students can enquire about work from different corners of the globe, which works as inspiration to them, and they can come up with better quality work. So irrespective of the field you are in, these technological advances will help you to get a better outcome.

  1. Education has become fun for the younger kids

If you consider the younger generation like the kids and the teenagers, then you will be able to notice that the entire process of education has become much more fun for them. They can visualize animations and several interesting presentations, which makes the overall process a lot more fun.

  1. Introduction of artificial intelligence into research

If you look into modern research, you will be able to understand that artificial intelligence, or as we say it, AI has made a huge impact on the overall situation. It has been widely used for research under different categories. This has helped many simulation related systems that predict the outcome of any event starting from outer space to the duration and impact of a global pandemic. These systems have also manipulated several other economic predictions and growth curves. They have made the overall system a lot more efficient with predictions. Artificial intelligence is also responsible for several developments associated with the software and even military weapons.

  1. Even the physically disabled person can have access to knowledge

With the introduction of several modern systems like brails that operate with electronic pulse and appliances, which help with hearing difficulties, even the physically challenged persons have access to education. They can access knowledge irrespective of the challenges they have.

  1. Fun and games help students to stay motivated even while they are studying

Studying for long hours might be a boring thing, and that is why students now have access to several fun games and an interesting quiz that can motivate them. These will help them to pass some time while being motivated on how they should be utilizing their time. This mainly helps students in high school and colleges. However, younger students in schools can also access several learning games in their free time.

  1. Knowledge has become a global thing

Previously if you wanted to attend a course in a top tier college, you would be required to physically travel to that country and city to attend the class. Now with the introduction of online courses, you can attend a course from any corner of the world and also act on your assignments,  submit them, get it checked, and even attend an exam online. This kind of education system has also helped in improving student-teacher communication, which previously was only restricted to a regular classroom.

  1. The major disadvantage is a certain population that lacks access to technology

In many poor economies around the world, the internet and technology are words that are completely inaccessible to the students. The cities are still in better condition, but in several villages across Asia and Africa, internet connectivity is completely unavailable. Because of these, the students from this part of the globe lack modern education and are falling far behind the modern educational system. This gap was lesser when there was a traditional educational system all over the globe. This is a problem that can be solved with a lot of effort from the global population.

Thus, if you have been looking for the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education, then now you have some idea on the overall system. The whole world needs to establish cooperation to work towards the loopholes so that the entire system becomes much more beneficial for everyone, and every student can take advantage of these facilities.

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What Are The Best Five Methods To Monetize Your Mobile App? 

Do you know that 2.8-million applications exist in the play store? All of these applications have unique features, identification, and authenticity that sets them apart from their competitors. While some applications are under the initiation process, other apps have reached the brink of their success. Statistics show the development of more than 6-thousand apps every day, and the percentage of monetized apps ranges to more than 25%.

What is app monetization? App monetization is a way for the app developer to generate income. Earlier, you had to pay for the applications to download. Now, you get free access to more than 90% of the apps in the market. So how does an app developer generate money? It is how several ways of monetization come in use. For this, you need to strategize the usage of apps and create smart techniques that will lead you to gather revenue without hindering the reach of your application.

What do you mean by a monetization strategy?

A monetization strategy refers to a way you can turn your idea into a business. As per the recent market surge, one fact is clear, that is, the reach of a free application is 100-times higher as compared to paid apps. But for a developer, it is a loss. They have spent hours and months and years over an application, they have spent their money, they have given their entire work to this application, and are getting nothing in return. So how should he make-up for this loss? They need to strategize or think of ways to make money out of it.

What are the five ways of monetizing an application?

We have selected some of the best methods that you can apply to monetize your application:

  • The free plus paid app version model

this is one of the popular strategies that the application developer applies. In this case, the application is free to download, and the user can use fundamental features. But other attributes are limited to use as the consumer needs to pay for those features to get activated. In this model, you can also allow advertisements that will monetize your account as well.

The benefit of this model is two-fold. The first factor is that the users will get to enjoy the basic functionality of the application, and then encourage the customer to pay for upgraded or premium features. The other factor of importance is that through the advertisements promoted on your app, you get money on every click that occurs from the client whom you have allowed promoting on your apps. You can also use smart and inducing advertisements by offering them discounts or showing them features of your app that will convince them to get the upgraded version.

  • The free app with an in purchase model

the in-purchase model or the IAP, the model in which the application itself and some features of the app are free to download, but you need to pay for premium features. For example, if it is a gaming application, then you will have to pay for extra lives, or you will have to pay for further rewards. In some cases, the users get access to these features if they are patient enough and use the application with utmost consistency. But these are rare opportunities as the user needs to be extremely loyal to the organization and the app.

  • Free app with a subscription model

you must have come across several content applications, such as television-related applications, applications that provide news, or OTT applications. These are the applications that allow free content for a limited time frame, and then you need to pay for a full-time entertainment. Many such apps exist which permit you to test the application with all the features that they have to offer, or the limited features for free for a short span. Once you are satisfied with the usage of the product and feel like you want to continue using the resource, you can pay for the subscription of the application. These applications also offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual payment model. The price ranges depending upon the time frame for which you need the app. So, they provide you with a range of options.

  • Paid app model

you can create an application for which you have to pay to download. It is one of the rarest options you should go with because consumers these days rarely every download application for which they need to pay. Remember that if you create an app that needs money for a download, then the app must be of top-notch quality. You need to realize that the application should be authentic, and should have extensively creatively constructed features, that make your app worth paying for, in the long run.

  • Partnership model 

you must have come across several applications that advertise for different brands that belong to either the same industry or contrasting industries focusing on the market that you have control over. If you have a niche market, then other brands might want to collaborate with you to put forward their brand in the eyes of your users. This method has distinct methods of earning, as well. Sometimes the collaborative organization might charge you for effortlessly posting about their brand on your application. Sometimes they might pay you for the number of clicks and user interaction you can provide to them.

Each of these models has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a strategy that best suits your requirement, then we suggest you conduct research and find out all the affirmatives and pessimistic factors about each of these models. Once you have concluded the option to corroborate in your application, you can then create your app accordingly to get the best possible result.

Making money through an application is possibly the easiest and yet the hardest thing you will ever come across. If you remain patient and calm, you can get substantial earning and rewards out of your invention.

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