A deal valued at $931 million has been announced by Adtran to acquire German telecommunications equipment vendor and rival ADVA Optical Networking. There are 1 million people in the world.

What Is An Adva Network Device?

A new network demarcation device from Adva Optical Networking allows two carriers to share Ethernet performance information, which is a first for the industry.

What Does Adva Mean?




Americal Division Veterans Association


Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs (Montgomery, AL)


Advanced Soviet


American Deaf Volleyball Association

Did Adtran Buy Adva?

A merger between ADTRAN and ADVA Optical Networking is announced. As a result of the merger, the combined entity will gain scale and distribution reach, while positioning itself to capture market share once Huawei is phased out.

What Is A Adtran Device?

All of ADTRAN’s Integrated Access Devices are designed specifically for converged IP and TDM voice and data services, including Internet access, corporate voice and data, and video applications. With ADTRAN’s market-leading position in integrated access, reliability and performance are guaranteed.

What Does Adtran Make?

Inc. is a provider of wireless communication solutions. The company offers telecommunications networking equipment and internetworking products. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, it has its headquarters there. It has been certified by both ISO 9001 and TL9000.

What Is An Adva Switch?

An overview of the product. Carrier Ethernet 2 devices are available in the ADVA FSP 150CC family of Ethernet access products. The 0 service demarcation, extension, and aggregation allows intelligent Ethernet services to be delivered both within and outside the region.

What Is An Adva Nid?

The ADVA Optical Networking FSP 150 devices are designed for Ethernet applications with rates up to 10GbE. By using the NID, service providers can remotely monitor, test, loopback, and manage services on both sides of the demarcation point (network interface and customer).

What Is Adva Fsp150?

Description of the product. With ADVA Optical Networking’s FSP 150 Carrier Ethernet product family, Software Defined Networking can take advantage of Carrier Ethernet’s power. OpenFlow controllers can be used to groom Carrier Ethernet circuits such as EVCs and VLANs into netflows that are reported and switched.

What Is An Adva Device?

A device that demarcates all types of services with intelligent Ethernet technology from ADVA. In addition to the existing FSP 150CP/CCf Ethernet over fiber demarcation platform, it adds features such as MEF-compliant three-color marking and eight-level class of service capabilities to the existing FSP 150CC system.

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