It is highly recommended that you complete your graduation from a business school. You can pursue careers in Hardware and Networking after graduation if you have an interest in those fields. These courses are offered by private computer training institutes such as APTECH, SEED InfoTech, CDAC, and others.

What Is The Qualification For Hardware And Networking?



Name of the course

Computer hardware and networking

Course Level

Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma or certificate


1 to 3 years


Passed 10+2 in any relevant stream

Can A Commerce Student Become Computer Hardware Engineer?

All major companies, such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc, offer this service. In these companies, academics are generally considered to be eligible for the job in 60% of cases. The percentage of students who graduate in the 10th, 12th, and graduation year is 60%. After you graduate from a recognized university with a MCA, you can definitely apply for software engineering jobs. You can do M if you wish.

Can Commerce Student Do Information Technology?

Yes, B. Com. Students in the Commerce stream are kept in mind when studying Information Technology, which focuses on IT. Upon completion of the B.S., you will be eligible to apply for a job. Com. The PG IT course-M is open to graduates who have completed the IT course.

What Is The Qualification For Computer Hardware?

It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in order to become a computer hardware engineer. Employers in the industry and job offers require this as a minimum qualification. You can also take courses in hardware and networking.

What Certifications Do You Need To Be A Hardware Engineer?

How do you choose the best certification for a Hardware Engineer? Software Engineering Management Associate Engineer, Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), and Software Engineering Master Certification (SEMC) are the most common certifications for hardware engineers.

What Are The Qualifications For Network Engineer?

It is necessary to have a degree in engineering in order to become a network engineer. Furthermore, you must be proficient in all aspects of a network, including network systems, design, maintenance, network protocols, bandwidth development, deployment, and support.

Can A Commerce Student Do Hardware Engineering?

In addition to the above, students with a commerce background can very well enter the field of software and hardware. You can make a career in software / IT by taking the above courses, since those courses are very much accepted and required by Indian IT companies.

Can I Become Computer Engineer By Taking Commerce?

You must choose a diploma in computer science and engineering or a related field after 12th Commerce to become a software engineer. As soon as you have completed your diploma course, you can apply for admission to B school. tech.

What Degree Do You Need To Be A Computer Hardware Engineer?

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is generally required for entry-level computer hardware engineers, although a degree in electrical engineering or computer science is also acceptable.

Can Commerce Student Do It Engineering?

A candidate must have studied Mathematics and Physics at +2 level in order to become an engineer. It is impossible to pursue further studies in this field if you have not studied these subjects. Thus, candidates with a commerce background are not eligible to pursue engineering degrees.

Can Commerce Student Do Mba In Information Technology?

The MBA program in IT is definitely available to graduates of commerce, as there are no specific eligibility requirements.

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