Cadbury’s Chocolate

 Cadbury’s have had some great adverts over the years but their most iconic would have to be the advert featuring a gorilla playing the drums to the iconic song Phil Collins, In The Air Tonight. This advert has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate but the iconic scene with Cadbury’s recognizable shade of purple in the background makes for a very interesting advert that is still spoken about to this day. One of the best moments in this advert would have to be the huge drum solo in conjunction with the unique scene of a gorilla behind the drums making this advert even more memorable. The advert itself was released in 2007 and remained on our screens for most of the year before it was replaced.  

Shreddies Cereal

 It seems that the best way to advertise food these days is to come up with the most outrageously unique concept to sell more delicious products. Shreddies are no exception to this with their unique advert showing comedic old ladies knitting every square of cereal. This advert was actually well done with the classic netted design of this cereal fitting perfectly with the story that they were knitted by grandmas. These lovable characters were on our screens for many years with Shreddies actually bringing out many more adverts featuring the Shreddies grandmas after the success of the original broadcast.  

One of the biggest reasons why this advert was so successful was because it had the potential to become a strong brand for the cereal that hasn’t really been achieved by other competing companies, by bringing a story and some context to the product Shreddies are likely to have had a huge sales boost as a result.  

Dumb Ways to Die

An iconic advertisement not about food that did very well when it was released was the iconic Dumb Ways to Die campaign for metro. This animated scene was very simple in design featuring cute characters and a catchy song detailing many comedic ways to die, the point of the advert was to highlight how stupid it is to play around with trains and train tracks by comparing it to many other obscene ways that you could risk your life. The message behind this advert is actually very serious however by taking that message and placing it alongside such a funny and catchy music video I feel that the impact is much more long-lasting. The success of this advertisement led to a second video being created and their success has gone so far that there are now multiple online games that are free to play under the franchise.  


Another great advertising campaign that brought the company that made it a lot of success would have to be Netflix’s 2019 advertisement which featured an ordinary couple watching television. One person enjoys the intro song for a show and the other doesn’t and switches it over, this enrages the person and they begin attacking in the style of some of the characters within Netflix’s most popular shows. This advert has a great balance of comedy as well as showing off some of the most successful shows and movies that are available to watch on Netflix. This advert was quite unique but fits the concept of the services that are offered by Netflix very well. Netflix would have to be one of the most iconic streaming platforms available so a great advert is to be expected from them, in other news about Netflix people have been complaining about their limitations on cross country use, remedying this issue by finding the VPN services that work best with Netflix. 


The Coca-Cola adverts have developed into the one true sign that Christmas is finally here, everyone loves a good Christmas advert but Coca-Cola’s would have to be the most recognized as one of the eBay Christmas advertisements to ever be made. They are very simple in concept usually involving the arrival of the Coca-Cola Christmas trucks, what many people don’t know is that these adverts are released at the same time as the Christmas truck tour that occurs within the UK every year. When you see this advert remember to check out the website to see when the trucks will be in your city, you can visit Santa, enter a competition as well as get yourself some free coke cans, so what’s not to love?  

Elton John – John Lewis Christmas Advert

The final advert on this list would have to be the 2018 Elton John advertisement for John lewis, everyone waits for the John Lewis Christmas advert for so long and with so much anticipation that when this one was released there was a lot of controversies initially. The advert basically goes through a montage of Elton John’s life ending with the moment that he got his first piano for Christmas as a child, the idea that his family worked so hard to get him their shift that set up his future as a world-famous musician was a really touching moment that appealed to many people all over the world.  

 In my opinion, this would have to be one of the best John Lewis Christmas adverts as it combines a number of truly wonderful things, it has a gentle storyline, an iconic figurehead who already has a strong following, and some truly brilliant music to really bring the advert together.