Generally we will record videos for capturing memorable moments in our life. Similarly people want to capture screen moments via screen casting software’s which are available in the market.

There are many software’s which can record the video which are taking place on the screen. Some are not for free and some of them are open source software’s.

We generally use these software’s for making tutorials or similar videos. Even bloggers make these type of videos and use it for monetize purpose.

Now here i am going to list the top 5 screen recording software’s available in the market.

Jing is a famous screen capture software which is available for free. I use Jing software for taking screenshots of my desktops or browsers. Its the best software application which can be used as both screen casting software and also photo capture software.

Also Jing provides a free service to upload the recorded video to their server. By that you can share that video to the rest of the world.

Many top company likes Themefuse are using this software in recording the desktop screen movements. They use it for tutorial purpose.

MEC4 Software is a product of microsoft company. This software provides live broadcasting of our videos online. But in the free version this option is not available. In the free version you can only use the audio/video encoding feature and record your videos.

These recorded files are having a format known as Xesc file format.

These format files are not recognized by other websites like youtube, facebook and etc. So to upload the recorded video there is a technique to change the format of the file. I have kept a link below this paragraph. That is a blog post by which you can learn how to change the format of .xesc format files.

Ezvid is the name of the video recording software. This is one of the famous and most used software for screen casting. People use this because this software provides many features.

Some of the features on Ezvid are as follows :

These are the awesome features provided for their users at absolutely at zero cost. So i recommend people to use this software. But there is a time limit to record video.

This is a product of Sketchman studio. This was having a latest update on Feb 13th 2014. It is a nice decent software for people who wants a free screen recording software for their desktop. Its a freeware available on internet on various websites. This is having good reviews. Most of the users who used this software gave a 3 rating on a scale of 5.

That means it is a average software application which can be used by any person. They dont require much tech skills on using this software.

It is famous for its Lossless compression feature. It records at a speed of 312 kbps .When it is compared with other software’s this provides best video quality. It is the second top software which provides this software. First comes techsmith software then comes screenpressor.

But Techsmith software’s are not free version. So thats the reason i suggest people to use this software for making webinar and video conferencing.

I hope you liked the subject on this article. Since most of my friends were asking about this softwares. I thought i will post a article regarding this softwares.