Companies depend upon high-quality data in order to boost their marketing campaigns, company image and profitability. However, all too often the quality of their data is far too low. Effective data management is therefore a key process in allowing companies to make the most of their data, and there are various ways that they can go about this. Here are three key tips for better data management.

Having the correct names on customer records is incredibly important, but many companies often do not pay enough attention to ensuring that they have the correct names in place. Not only should they have the correct names for their contacts, but they should also ensure that the names are split up into separate components such as forename, surname and title.

Getting the name wrong on correspondence affects the usability and the responsiveness of the data. It makes customers feel alienated when they see their name spelt wrong, or receive information with the wrong name completely or no name at all. Making sure that all of the names are correct is a key part of effective data management, and this is also true for gender. Getting the gender of the contact wrong can really hurt your company image.

By making simple corrections to the names and genders of customers in the company database, you could significantly improve your response rates when you send out marketing materials. You could be wasting large sums of money trying to increase response rates in other ways when responses will remain low because you have failed to ensure that the names of the contacts are correct.

If your data contains the wrong addresses for your contacts, this can mean that your marketing communications don’t even reach your targets. You may have contacts in your system with both national and international addresses, and international addresses can be particularly problematic as often information can be forced into data formats that are not appropriate.

By making sure you have the correct addresses and that they are all in the correct format, you can greatly reduce the amount of money wasted on sending marketing communications that never reach their intended targets.

Most databases contain duplicates, and these should be eradicated from your system to improve the quality of your data. This can be a very difficult process for complex data and can take a lot of time and resources. However, there are companies that specialise in such data cleansing using tools that make the process a lot quicker and more effective, so you may want to consider hiring one.

These are a few ways in that you can start to practice better data management, no matter how large or complex your data records. However, often it is not possible to carry out large data management processes yourself, and you may therefore need to contact a data management and data marketing specialist who will use a range of tools to improve the accuracy of your data.

Improving your data and managing your records carefully can have enormous benefits for your company, so if you have not cleaned up your data in a while, make this a priority.